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Marshall is an idiot

Posted on: August 28, 2009 10:56 am
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I'm done with Brandon Marshall, a player I've defended in the past. He is just plain stupid.
His act this week, where he made a mockery of his time on the practice field, was the end of me thinking this guy wasn't an idiot. Now the Denver Broncos have suspended him for conduct detrimental to the team. The length of the suspension wasn't announced, but the longest it can be is four games. There is some talk that it will be only for the preseason. Is that a penalty or a reward if that's the case?
Look, we know you're not happy in Denver. We know you want out. But what he did the other day on the football field, walking when the rest of the team was running and intentionally dropping passes, was over the top.
That insults teammates.
He's as talented as he is stupid, which makes it even worse.
Marshall was one of the NFL's best receivers last season, proving he was not just a one-hit wonder in 2007. He has had more than 100 catches each of the past two seasons, hauling in 226 passes in that time. He wants a new deal for those numbers, even though he has two years left on his contract.
That's why he's pouting.
He's also not happy the Broncos traded away Jay Cutler. Would you be?
Even so, he's gone too far.
Now what? Sit around and not get paid? How will that work for you, Brandon?
Does his latest incident help his trade value?
I think not.
The Broncos have to know that now.
When he was rumored to be on the market in the spring, his best friend, Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Mike Walker, even admitted Marshall was a risk.
"You have faults, but look at what he brings to that team," Walker said. "If they want to work out a contract, they can work it out. Put stuff in it. Put clauses in it. Put stuff in it that will penalize him if he gets in trouble so you can pay the man. He deserves it. He's a good guy. Whoever pays him will see that. I know it. Brandon Marshall isn't who everybody thinks he is."
No, he's worse.
He disrespected the game this week.
That's a coaching nightmare.
The other side of this is the football side. In December, the Broncos had one of the best young pass-catching combos in football. They had Cutler to Marhall. But new coach Josh McDaniels, he of the my-way-or-highway approach, has traded Cutler and not has suspended Marshall.
This one was warranted, but you have to wonder if it happens if the Cutler trade doesn't.
Hope Denver fans are excited about Kyle Orton to Eddie Royal. It's what your left with now, thanks to two stubborn men, one an idiot receiver and one a headstrong coach.

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Posted on: August 31, 2009 7:11 pm

Marshall is an idiot

What I don't understand is why everyone thinks he's making a mistake by lowering his trade value, raising his trade value is a benefit to the team he's leaving and a liability to the team he's going to. I would guess its because if his value drops too low the team won't get him the trade he wants so badly.  If I'm Denver, I'm not being helped this year by a trade for a draft pick now anyway.  I let him screw up and keep suspending him.  It saves the salary and doesn't hurt the team any more than if he were already gone.  If he wants to cost himself a couple of million dollars I'd be happy to let him. 

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Posted on: August 31, 2009 7:06 pm

Marshall is an idiot

Brady Quinn could be the QB for his behavior a couple years ago.I can't remember.  What did Quinn do?

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Posted on: August 31, 2009 7:04 pm

Marshall is an idiot

Marshall has shown he can play and he should be paid.  Yes he is a little childish, but a bigger pay check would go a long was.  Pay = respect.Silly me.  I thought the $2.2 Million he was getting was him getting paid.  You know, for the contract he signed.  If he thought he was a better player than one who earns $2.2M, he should have held out for a better contract.  Until then, honor your word. 

Like that's part of his thought process.  This guy doesn't know what honor is.  He doesn't respect the law, women, his teammates, no one and nothing except the dollar.  And being a millionaire isn't enough.  Well, guess what?  It will NEVER be enough.  At some point you have to develop as a man, and men show respect to their teammates.  Intentionally dropping balls?  Get real.  If a 12 year old pee wee kid did that he'd be out the entire season.  Maybe Marshall can learn to show some respect to others by watching the kids play.

Pay=respect?  Not by a longshot.  Does the overpaid Chris Simms feel respected because he got paid?  I doubt it.  He probably feels fortunate.  You can earn respect and never get paid what you'd like to get.  In Marshall's case, no one will ever respect him.

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Posted on: August 30, 2009 12:51 am

Marshall is an idiot

Brandon Marshall is an immature physically gifted adult child who isn't getting his way.  The NFL opportunity has provided him with millions.  If only the millions could be taken away.........

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Posted on: August 29, 2009 3:14 pm

Marshall is an idiot

Do you take the high road (as you suggested) and make him pay for his actions, but getting nothing for a high value asset (most likely on the open market)? ...or do you cut bait and get most you can now?

Great question. I don't know what to say. I'm a huge NFL fan and hate how the players abuse the system like they do.  I'm not saying the owners are perfect, they screw up plenty and sometimes mistreat players. But the owners are forced to keep their end of the deal,, every single time. They aren't allowed to back out of a contract when a player doesn't produce or do what he promises to do. Heck. Look at Stallworth. He got a 4.5 million dollar signing bonus during his drunk driving manslaughter fiasco and he gets to keep the money. Go figure. And then, a player for some reason I can't figure out can back out of his deal if he outpeforms. I find that unfair to say the least.

I'm a huge NFL fan, my favourite team being the lowly Lions. We haven't suffered through what Denver has gone through with Cutler and Marshall and I hope we never do. We go through enough crap with this team.  My guess is that Denver will trade him... I hate it.. but they will.

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Posted on: August 29, 2009 2:28 pm

Marshall is an idiot

I think the only protection teams have is building performance-based incentives into contracts. I find it curious that players demand long-term contracts if there are no guaranteed money clauses in them. Teams can drop them on a whim with no cap hit. In this case, a player with potential value is boycotting (for all practical purposes) a team in order to get out of a situation he isn't happy with. I doubt the Broncos could (even if they would) pay him enough to be happy and play hard for the Broncos. My feeling is that it's another lost cause.
Again, I'm no Marshall apologist, I don't like how he is acting (or how Cutler, TO, etc... acted), but now everyone needs to check the emotion of the situation at the door and assess what is the best move for the franchise NOW, Marshall has already played his hand. Do you take the high road (as you suggested) and make him pay for his actions, but getting nothing for a high value asset (most likely on the open market)? ...or do you cut bait and get most you can now? I think the longer this latest drama goes on, (unlike the scenario with Cutler), the less Denver will get for him, not to mention the distraction, this team will have its hands full giving 100% of its attention to football all year long.
I, too, long for the days when most men behaved with dignity and cared about their name and reputations, but I think the owners had a little to do with the house they live in. In Nashville, I've seen serious player abuse by owners, (look at the LT situation in SD), if they only have a limited shelf life and earnings potential, perhaps they should be able to have more of a say in where they use those talents...nonetheless, as you stated, Denver does have a signed contract. Even though the Broncos are the victims here, their best move still has to be trading him for whatever they can get now and move on with rebuilding their battered franchise. this has been a brutal off-season for them, I feel sorry for their fans, how good must it feel to write a check for season tickets this year? OUCH!

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Posted on: August 29, 2009 1:33 pm

Marshall is an idiot


You're right, it could happen just as you said it. OR, maybe finally a team can stand up to a fool and bully like this.  Suspend him for 4 games, which they did is a great first move.  Then play him like nothing ever happened, make him stay. Tell him flat out he's NOT getting traded NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS... if he doesn't play hard or pulls his crap suspend him again for insubordination and call it a day.

Either way, don't trade him. Make him play out the entire season. If he's a fool and doesn't want to try and put the stats he's capable of putting up, then he digs his own grave because nobody out there will pay him what he's worth.

IF he's smart, then he'll play hard for the last 12 games of the season, play out his contract, prove his worth and get paid later.

But to renengotiate or trade him would be idiotic.  Until teams can ask for refunds from players that sign big contracts and UNDERPERFORM teams shouldn't be forced to redo contracts of players that outperform.

What's fair is fair.. the team owes him nothing more then his contract states.

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Posted on: August 29, 2009 10:33 am

Marshall is an idiot

I'm not a fan of Brandon Marshall's antics, far from it, he's a fool. What I don't understand is why everyone thinks he's making a mistake by lowering his trade value, raising his trade value is a benefit to the team he's leaving and a liability to the team he's going to. Think about it, If the team that trades for him has to give up a #2 draft pick for him instead of a #1, he's going to a stronger team.
Playing out may be a part of his strategy, providing he is that astute. He gets off a team he doesn't want to play for sooner, doesn't have to take the beating he'll take being the only legitimate threat the team has, and does his new team a favor by not making them sell the farm to the Broncos to pick him up. Aside from the PR beating he's taking, this foolishness could actually work to his benefit and unfortunately prompt others to follow suit. I'd hate to see it happen, but it sure seems plausible.

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Posted on: August 29, 2009 10:21 am

Marshall is an idiot

... which says everything about your "ethics." 
Yes, I would keep quiet and work hard even if I made 1/5th of what others of comparable skills were making. Why? Because I want someone to hire me away. And if you start running your mouth and misbehaving at work, NO ONE IS GOING TO PAY YOU THAT KIND OF MONEY. That's reality. It's even truer when we're IN THE MIDST OF A RECESSION. No one is hiring now. So even if you make only $40K, you keep working hard and hope that shows up while you work to improve your networking skills to impress potential employers out there. That's how it's done by adults. And in Marshall's case (and yours), we're not talking about adults.
Getting "fired" will only hurt Marshall's value because other teams will take note of the fact that he's A QUITTER. The minute Brandon doesn't get what he wants, he quits on his team. 
Now you can go back to sleep.

Since: Dec 21, 2006
Posted on: August 29, 2009 10:16 am

Marshall is an idiot

So what? The way an *adult* handles a situation like this is to practice hard and play hard to show respect for his teammates, regardless of what he's getting paid, then insist on a trade when you're not on the field. (
Of course, all this assumes someone wants to trade with you. Tell me, what team (aside from the Raiders, perhaps) will pay this guy a huge salary when he behaves like a four-year-old? I wouldn't want him anywhere near my team -- there are plenty of talented receivers out there, and even if they aren't as talented as Marshall, at least they won't quit on their team.
None of the teams you mention would have him on their roster in the first place. Locker room cohesion matters. Ask the Raiders. Ask the Dallas Cowboys. Ask every team TO has played for.
Denver should trade Marshall -- to Oakland. A headcase for a basketcase franchise. Perfect!

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