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Monday Musings

Posted on: October 5, 2009 5:55 pm
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---Michael Crabtree is tired of sitting, I guess. Crabtree and his agent are on their way to San Francisco to meet with the 49ers. It's about time. Crabtree must have realized that there are only so many earning years in that body. This is one of them. Agent Eugene Parker did the kid a disservice. If I were an agent, I'd use Crabtree against Parker on the recruiting trail. There's no reason he needed to miss this time. What a bad move. Eugene Parker is an agent who negotiates for his own good.

----Situational coaching blunder of the week goes to Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris. With his team trailing by three, the Bucs faced a third-and-1 from their own 28 with 55 second left. Tampa Bay had two timeouts, so Morris called a running play. Clifton Smith fumbled and the Redskins recovered. Why was he calling a running play there? Throw the ball. You need to get 45 yards for a field-goal attempt. Dumb call.

---I thought it was interesting when Josh McDaniels hugged Brandon Marshall after his 51-yard touchdown catch Sunday. I guess when a player helps you, it's time to give him some love. Or have they kissed and made up? One thing's for sure: The Broncos need Marshall. Big time.

---You have to give Steelers coach Mike Tomlin props for his motivational tactics with running back Rashard Mendenhall. The Steelers coach didn't play Mendenhall last week because he missed assignments in practice last week. He needed him this week with Willie Parker out and all Mendenhall did was run for 166 yards and score two touchdowns. Tomlin knows how to push the right buttons.

----Ray Lewis was right. Those late hits called against New England were questionable. OK, they were bad calls. But he is wrong. The quarterbacks aren't just players. They are the lifeblood of the league. They have to be protected. Without them, the NFL would be the UFL. The league can't allow that to happen.

---If the Washington Redskins want to find out of Jason Campbell can play, let him play looser. The Redskins ran the ball on 13 first-down plays and threw it on six. Eight of those first-down runs were followed by a run on second down. Then they ask Campbell to make a play. When he threw on first down, Campbell was 4 of 6 for 104 yards and two touchdowns. You'd think Jim Zorn would learn. A quarterback can't succeed when he's put in obvious passing situations.

----Jaguars first-year general manager seems to have had a heck of a first draft. Four rookies are starting, including tackles Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton. The others are nose tackle Terrance Knighton and corner Derrick Cox. Knighton has been a force inside and Cox is a smooth cover corner. They also added third receiver Mike Thomas, who is  the punt returner, in the fourth round.  Seventh-round pick Rashad Jennings is the backup runner and watch out for free-agent tight end Zach Miller, who is just now back playing after hurting his knee early in the preseason. Smith and personnel man Terry McDonough should be beaming based on that draft haul.

---Wonder how Plaxico Burress feels when he hears the Giants young receivers are killing it? Steve Smith has 34 catches, the most by any Giants player in the first four games. He had 11 catches Sunday against the Chiefs. The Giants receivers are averaging two touchdown catches a game. Moral of the story: Everybody is replaceable.

----Bengals: Four games, all coming down to the final minutes or overtime. Only this year, they're winning them. It won't be easy this week against an angry Ravens team that is stewing over those bad calls in their loss to the Patriots. If the Bengals win, they're in first place. The Bengals?

---Peyton Manning has thrown for over 300 yards in four consecutive games, the third player to open a season doing in the first four games. Can you say MVP?

---Colts coach Jim Caldwell and Broncos coach Josh McDaniels have their teams 4-0. The only other time two rookie coaches had their teams 4-0 at the same time was in 2000 when the Al Groh (Jets) and Mike Martz (Rams) had their undefeated after four games. Caldwell and McDaniels better hope their careers go more like Martz and less like Groh.

---Watching Jets corner Darrelle Revis live for the fist time Sunday was special. He is a lock-down corner, who is also a willing tackler. Revis was a big reason why Drew Brees and the passing game couldn't get going for the Saints. If he isn't in the Pro Bowl this season, it will be criminal.

---Just a hunch, but the inability of the Saints receivers to win deep might be the thing that hurts this team down the road. While Marques Colston is a good receiver, he isn't a burner. Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem can run, but they aren't consistent. The Saints get a lot of passing yards because Sean Payton schemes his receivers open, not because they win against coverage.

---Anybody seen Shawne Merriman? Anybody? No sacks this season.

---What happened to LaMarr Woodley? I picked him to be the NFL Defensive Player of the Year and so far he doesn’t have a sack. Did I mush him?


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Monday Musings

He analysis of the importance of the weak (at best) roughing the passer calls in the Ravens-Patriots game is quite flawed. Going across the league during this week we saw many examples of Quarterbacks getting hit a lot harder and a lot later than Tom Brady with no flags thrown. Jamarcus Russell was basically thrown to the ground after throwing the ball with no foul called. With the two examples in the Ravens-Patriots games we had Terrell Suggs avioding Tom Brady and grazing him while Brady remained standing. The other involved Haloti Ngata hitting Brady just after the throw. The league needs to protect Quarterbacks from vicious late hits, but there is no need to go overboard. If you are going to restrict defenses, the league can not show favoritism to a superstar from the leauge. That person reached superstardom by making plays, let them play football.

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Monday Musings


You're right, he must be confusing him with Heath Miller from Pitts.

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Zach Miller was a 6th round pick

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Monday Musings


I'm not sure how to react to your statement about quarterbacks being the lifeblood of the league. I think this a sellout to the marketing of the league rather than the product put on the field. The league markets the Mannings, Brady, Brees, etc and then can't afford to lose them. While this may be sound business practice, it isn't what sports are about, especially football. Football teams more than any other sport rely on the depth of their team rather than just the marquis names.

Look at the history of the league. The Grise's, Namath's and Tarkenton's of the league all took their lumps and missed games due to injuries. That is just part of the game. Have we become such a celibrity-driven society that we are going to continue to let it affect a competition? It is a damn joke.

I had to fight with my parents to let me play high school football becuase they were afraid of the risks. Instead of trying to persuade them, perhaps I should have put up posters and gotten my name recognition up there so the public school league would have passed rules protecting me after realizing how many came to see my self-exaggerated exploits.

Has the David Stern business model invaded us to the point where entertainment has become a priority over competetion? Maybe my ranting is long overdue but theses muti-million dollar players weren't always the pampered prima-donnas we see in front of us today. At some point they played sports for the competition. Perhaps the most talented of kids was pampered off the field because of what they could do on it but once they got on the field they were subject to the same rules as everyone else.

While everyone else cheers the day 24-hour sports became the norm, history will show it was the decline of sport and the emergence of the celebrity-athlete.

It has gotten to the point where if you are truly interested in a contest between two teams, high school athletics is where the real deal still reigns.


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