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Posted on: November 2, 2009 5:04 pm
Edited on: November 2, 2009 5:51 pm

---Bad situational coaching eats me alive. Rex Ryan is the culprit this week. When his Jets cut the Miami Dolphins' lead to 17-12 Sunday, he decided to go for two with 3:26 in the third quarter. Only a 5-yard penalty changed his mind. He kicked to make it 17-13. So when he scores again to make it 24-19 with 1:35 left in the third, he goes for two again.  Kick the point. The Jets missed, and he was chasing again. Miami scored to make it 30-19 and Tony Sparano did the dumb thing going for two. Kick to make it a 12-point game. His team missed as well. Are these guys dumb? Later, the Jets scored to make it 30-25. Ryan had to go for two then and missed.  So what happens? The Jets got the ball back late, down five.

---When I talked to Matt Schaub last week, I asked him about Andre Johnson. He praised Johnson, but he quickly brought up tight end Owens Daniels. He said having him in the middle of the field helps open up the outside passing game. Not anymore. Daniels is out for the year with a torn ACL in his right knee, which means the Texans have a big void in their offense. Joel Dreessen will replace Daniels, and watch out for rookie James Casey when he gets back from torn meniscus surgery in late November. When you lose a Pro Bowl tight end of that caliber it's tough to replace. Look for the Texans, who lead the NFL in passing yards, to get back to running the ball a little more. The surprise is that Steve Slaton isn't the player doing it. Ryan Moats had a big game last week and will continue to take away carries from Slaton, whose fumbling has been an issue.

---I ripped Brett Favre last week when he had the late-game meltdown against the Steelers, so I have to praise him for the way he played against Green Bay. He threw four touchdown passes and looked comfortable the entire day. He's the best screen-pass quarterback ever. I do mean that as a compliment. By the way, Favre is saying he played with an injured groin. What? How many maladies does this guy have? He was listed as limited with a hip injury. Is a groin the same as a hip? Liars.

---If you're looking for a Defensive Rookie of the Year, Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd has to be it. He has seven interceptions, two Sunday against the Texans. Byrd, the son for former NFL corner Gill Byrd, was a corner in college who has made a nice transition to free safety.  That will happen more and more as the NFL becomes more of a passing league.

----Heard in the Ravens press box Sunday: Former Colts player Bruce Laird saying Joey Porter of the Dolphins would have got it during pre-game warm-ups during Laird's playing days. Hate to tell you, Bruce, but the players are bigger, strong, faster, tougher and better than when you played. Don't romanticize about the old days.

---You have to give to Ted Ginn Jr. He gets demoted as a receiver, taking all kinds of heat in South Florida, and he responds with two kickoff returns for touchdowns of 100 and 101 yards. Take that, he said. He might not be worth the No. 7 overall pick in the draft, but he has talent. And he is open when he does play receiver. He just needs to work on those hands.

---If reports are true that Bucs corner Aqib Talib cursed out coach Raheem Morris when he came in late during the team's trip to London, it doesn't bode well for Morris. There were some who thought Morris was too close to his players when he was named coach, something he had to move away from, and this could be a sign of that. Is Morris in trouble? If the Bucs don't win he could be.

--I've been saying for a while that San Diego receiver Chris Chambers doesn't scare down the field and he was hurting the Chargers offense. San Diego coaches must have agreed. They demoted him Sunday and put Malclm Floyd into the starting lineup. Floyd responded with two catches for 64 yards, a 32-yard average. He has better speed, which should help the San Diego passing game. Then the Chargers cut Chambers. If you can scare down the field, you won't play.

---Nice to see Shawne Merriman still has a pulse. He whipped the Raiders tackles all day Sunday, getting his first two sacks of the season and spent the day in the Oakland backfield. Maybe that groin is getting healed up.

---Maurice Jones-Drew had touchdowns runs of 80 yards and 79 yards against the Titans, becoming the only third player in NFL history with two rushing touchdowns of 75-plus yards. Funny thing is, one of the others came this season when Frank Gore did in on September 20 for the 49ers. The other player was Barry Sanders in 1997.

---So Eric Mangini is safe for now? So says Browns owner Randy Lerner. But what if they don't win again? He's gone. Has to be. Why did he hire him in the first place?


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Posted on: November 4, 2009 9:10 am

Monday Musings

Prisco's ignorance is surpassed solely by his incompetence. For whatever reason, he hates the Vikings. Favre is 40 years old and playing professional football. Next time you get a paper cut Prisco, I don't want to hear your crying.

Favre is a good QB on a really good team. It's a shame that a football "expert" cannot recognize that and implements his personal bias week in and week out.

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Posted on: November 4, 2009 1:56 am

Monday Musings

I have never been one to bash Prisco with his articles and monday musings and power ranking but what he said this week about Favre made me a little angry.

First all he has to say about Favre is "he's the best screen passer in the game." First of all, wasn't it just a week ago you were bashing him for throwing an interception on a screen play? Which was more chester taylor's fault then his? Then secondly, I believe I remember one screen play the entire game against Packers and it was a gimme 40 yards for Peterson there were no defenders anywhere near that play. Favre has a hell of a lot more talent then just throwing screen passes.

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Posted on: November 3, 2009 9:42 pm

Monday Musings

Prisco, this is going to be a long season for you, having to every week think of some way to berate Favre when he doesnt give you anything.  Your teeny tiny, jealous little mind is going to be working overtime.   What you have done so far has been pretty lame.   It was really a stretch with the whole Favre meltdown against the Steelers.  Watching your video on the power rankings page, I could see you were throwing up a little in your mouth having to say that Favre did a pretty good job this week against the Packers.  Get used to it.  It's going to be happening a lot more this season and well into January.  Have fun.

Go Vikings and especially go Favre.  Make Prisco sick to his stomach.

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Posted on: November 3, 2009 2:04 pm

Monday Musings


Honestly man lay off the Vikings.  You are just all ticked off because we are doing well and you never saw it coming.  You continue to pick against us.  And to the editor of CBS Sports I wish you had a petition page to get this A$$ clown off your staff.  I bet it would save you some big money.

And his lil grades page and picks.  Please you always go for the safe bet and you never think about true upsets.

Vikings are good.  Get over it Prisco.  You are just a never-was football fan that is pissed off that Favre, and the Vikes are kicking some A$$ and as for as your grades?  Vikings pass D.  HOW MANY SACKS DID WE GET YOU Fricken moron.  Paymah was the only reason that we gave up some big plans.  Once Winfield is out, you will probably pick us to lose.



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Posted on: November 3, 2009 1:38 pm

Monday Musings

I like how Prisco comments on Bruce Laird's (former BALTIMORE Colt) remark about a blog column after the fact.  I bet you kept your yap shut in the press box though.  I love guys like their mouth and make snide little comments after the fact when you are out of arm's reach.  If you had something to say, you should have grown a set and spoke up when the guy in front of you to hear instead hiding in the corner behind your notepad.  Worm....

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Posted on: November 3, 2009 7:31 am

Monday Musings

Prisco the Viking hater!!! I guess you did not watch Vikings/Steelers last week. Where was the Favre meltdown? A missed block that resulted in a ball getting stripped, and a screen pass that went through the hands of Chester Taylor? I think the biggest meltdown in the Vikes/Pitt game was Ron Winters retarded officiating crew taking seven points off the board on a ghost call that no one anywhere else saw. Enjoy watching Favre be the MVP of the league in 2009. And the Vikes as a team are not going away, get used to it ahole.

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Posted on: November 2, 2009 9:11 pm

Monday Musings

Yes Prisco the groin muscle crosses the hip and is a hip adductor.  Hip arthritis (which Favre probably has...) isn't the only hip injury.  Maybe write about how Favre completed a 3rd and 17 in the fourth quarter or the 3rd and 11 to Berrian in the red zone to seal the deal.  Step it up Prisco.

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Posted on: November 2, 2009 6:35 pm

Monday Musings

THAT"S IT??  THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT FAVRE??  After saying he was washed up and a broken down old man last week, all you have to say is "I have to give him praise for the way he played".  And such a nice compliment you gave him.  Whatever.  Nice attempt at trying to back pedal from last week.

Then you go back to ripping on him and the Vikings by calling them liars.  You're a chump and a hack of a writer.  I think the National Enquirer is looking for someone that is able to put their made up BS in writing and then try and sell it is the truth.

We're onto you and I hope CBS will finally see that too. 

By the's a towel so you can wipe that egg off your face......dumba$$.


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