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Whitehurst a nice get for Seattle

Posted on: March 18, 2010 6:17 pm


The Seattle Seahawks have traded to get San Diego quarterback Charlie Whiterhurst.

Who, you say?

Whitehurst, with no NFL starts and no official passes in games that count, also received a two-year, $8-million deal from the Seahawks. Is there any doubt he's their guy?

Seattle swapped second-round picks with San Diego, dropping down 20 spots, and also threw in a 2011 third-round pick. That's steep, but it's clear that the Seahawks think Whitehurst can be their guy.

I think he can. When Whitehurst came out of Clemson in 2006, I really liked him. He has prototype skills.

He is big, strong and has a good arm. This might seem like a big risk for the Seahawks, but it's one they have to make. They can't win with Matt Hasselbeck anymore. And they know it.

Seahawks personnel boss John Schneider learned under Ron Wolf in Green Bay. He saw what happened when they traded for a guy named Brett Favre.

I'm not saying Whitehurst is Favre, but he can be a quality starter. I like this move. It's bold. It's aggressive.

It could pay off huge for the Seahawks.


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Posted on: March 24, 2010 12:36 am

This scares me!

To me, Prisco is kinda like Tim Eyeman.
If he's for it, I'm against it!
I'm not yet sold on Carrol, but I'll listen and be hopefull.
Hasselbeck looked horrible back at Husky Stadium, but I had faith in Holmgren.
My leash isnt long but we will see what happens.

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Posted on: March 23, 2010 10:54 pm

Whitehurst a nice get for Seattle

I actually think this is a good move for the hawks as well, when a team see's something from a second string guy in the waiting it is usually a good sign. It is much more reliable picking up a QB this way rather than drafting a QB. If you look at the history, some pretty good names have come off of other teams bench's, Matt Schaub, Brett Favre, Matt Hassleback, I'm sure their are others I can't think of, but it is rare a team sees something from a bench QB, but when they do it's usually a hit. I think Whitehurst has all the physical skills to become a successful QB in the NFL and it is obvious he has NFL smarts, word must have come from somewhere in the San Diego staff that Whitehurst is the real deal. I think he will be a very successful QB in the NFL, I have to commend the Hawks for finding a diamond in the rough.

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 6:35 pm

Whitehurst a nice get for Seattle


As one of four Seahawk fans in the beautiful province of Ontario all I've been hearing is "why  would they do this" and when I try and explain that Whitehurst is the real deal they all laugh at me...

Now I can tell them that Pete Prisco agrees with me..... I don't know how much cred that will give my argument actually???

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