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Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues

Posted on: October 31, 2011 2:34 pm

The Washington Redskins have major offensive woes, and it might start with the guy who is running it. Is Kyle Shanahan, the son of the head coach, over his head? It sure looks like it. The Redskins are terrible on offense right now.

They were shut out by the Bills 23-0 Sunday and quarterback John Beck was sacked nine times by a Bills team that came in with four sacks.

The Redskins couldn't run it. They couldn't throw it. Beck held the ball. The line was whipped. And the end result was the first shutout in Mike Shanahan's coaching career.

"Obviously, it was a tough game," Mike Shanahan said. "I'm disappointed with the result, and especially the way we played on offense."

Shanahan was asked if was satisfied with the offensive execution. Yes, somebody asked that.

"You think I'm satisfied?" he asked. "We didn't score a point. Obviously, I am very disappointed in our execution."

The Redskins are 26th in scoring and 25th in yards per play. The rest of their offensive numbers are just as bad.

They've changed quarterbacks, and they have a lot of injuries on their line and at receiver, so there are reasons for the problems. But you have to wonder if the main problem isn't the guy calling the plays.

Kyle Shanahan didn't get along with Donovan McNabb. So McNabb was benched and then sent packing. Now Shanahan has Rex Grossman and John Beck, two guys he liked.

They aren't the answer.

Is he?

Time will tell, but it's hard to imagine the father firing the son.

---Buffalo's Andy Levitre is one of the best guards in the NFL. He is having a Pro Bowl season. Against the Redskins, he was asked to move from left guard to left tackle because of injuries. And he did a great job in the run game and in pass protection, except for one play where Brian Orakpo beat him around the edge. He is a mauler in the run game. He doesn't look like he would be, but he gets underneath the opposition and drives them off the football. Give this guy some props. He shows up every week on tape.

---Detroit defensive end Cliff Avril is going to become a rich man next spring. In a league where teams crave young pass rushers he will become a free agent after the season. The Lions will do everything they can to keep him, and could put the franchise tag on him, but if he gets to the market, look out. Avril had two strip sacks against the Broncos Sunday, returning one for a touchdown. He has five sacks on the season, but he's been better than that number would indicate. 

----Did the Lions players go overboard by "Tebowing" to celebrate plays? Tebowing is the Internet sensation where people send in pictures from anywhere imitating Tebow's prayer pose from game day. Lions players twice imitated the pose. Here's the thing: Tebow didn't start the craze. So it's mocking him for something he didn't start. I know it's just in fun, and players have to get tired of the hype for a bad quarterback, but it's not the kid's fault. It's the responsibility of the Tebow Cult that follows him.

---Six days after the Jacksonville Jaguars corners blanketed Anquan Boldin, he had a huge day against the Cardinals. Boldin caught seven passes for 145 yards, including five for 112 yards in the third quarter. The knock on Boldin is he can't run, which mean he has a tough time getting open. But he did a nice job of doing so against a not-so-good Arizona secondary.

---Should the Cardinals be worried about Kevin Kolb? I'd have to say yes. He had another bad game against the Ravens. Kolb threw for 153 yards with one touchdown and one interception.  For the season, he's completing 56.8-percent of his passes with eight touchdowns and eight interceptions. His passer rating is 77.8. That's not quite the return on investment the Cardinals hoped to get when they traded for him.

----The Jaguars might not admit it, but they have to be concerned with rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert. He has thrown for less than 100 yards each of the past two games and has completed 45-percent of his passes for the season. Gabbert's troubles are his mechanics. He doesn’t set his feet when he throws. He also has a tendency to feel pressure when it's not there and he doesn't step up into the pocket to avoid real pressure. Some in the organization think it's only a matter of changing the coaching staff, especially the way he's coached, to get him to improve. There's a feeling in the organization that he's not getting taught the proper fundamentals. Did losing quarterbacks coach Mike Shula to Carolina hurt? Shula has done a nice job with Cam Newton, so you have to wonder

---I've preached this over and over and over again: The Patriots lack deep speed. Somehow Tom Brady overcomes it. But he didn't against the Steelers. Brady threw for 198 yards and was sacked three times. The Patriots had just one pass play of 20 yards or more. New England has done a great job this season scheming around their lack of deep speed, but it showed up against Dallas and Pittsburgh. Where have you gone, Randy Moss?

---It seems every week here we take shots at the backs who got big contracts this off-season, Chris Johnson and DeAngelo Williams. Johnson had 14 carries for 34 yards against the Colts Sunday, while Williams had seven rushers for 26 yards. It was so bad for Johnson, who is averaging 2.8 per rush for the season, that Javon Ringer, who had 14 for 60 against the Colts, did the work in the fourth quarter. How many times can I say it: Don't pay backs. Ever.

---Hines Ward missed the Patriots game for the Steelers. One has to wonder if he gets his starting job back when he returns. Ward is the slowest of the four Steelers receivers and Mike Wallace, Emanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown are all significantly ahead of Ward in yards-per-catch. This could be an interesting decision that needs to be made. If it were my offense, I'd sit him down and play the three speedy youngsters. If that happens, expect Ward to live up to his nickname: Wines (sic) Hard.

---The Bills had nine sacks against the Redskins, but they really lack a premier pass rusher. That is something they will definitely address in next year's draft.  Rookie Marcell Dareus is going to be a special player up front. He had 2 1/2 sacks from his nose tackle spot against the Redskins.

---What the heck was Rob Ryan thinking not attacking Mike Vick Sunday night? That soft zone he played was a disaster. You have to attack Vick in a big way. He didn't. Bad move. 


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Posted on: November 2, 2011 12:12 pm

Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues

"I've preached this over and over and over again: The lack deep speed.".
Yeah, that's the issue, isn't it? Not the fact that the defense, especially the secondary, looks horrible. No no... it's the old "need speed" rant from Prisco. Pete, if you want speed, go to a dog track, will you? Brady has won completing a gazillion short and intermediate throws for years - he only had a good Moss for little over a year. But with that repulsive defense, he could have Mike Wallace and DeSaun Jackson in the lineup and they still would have problems beating good teams.

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:16 pm

Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues

If it were my offense, I'd sit him down and play the three speedy youngsters. If that happens, expect Ward to live up to his nickname: Wines (sic) Hard.

You obviously have Hines Ward confused with any number of receivers like Steve Smith, Dez Bryant, Ochocinco, Braylon Edwards, and a few others.  This just proves how little you know about the NFL.  Hines doesn't whine or gripe.  He goes out and does his job.  Yes he has lost a step and is no where near as fast as the other receivers, but if its a crucial 3rd down, do you want to throw the ball to a young guy or someone with sure hands that finds a soft spot in the zone?

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 8:42 pm

Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues

 I know it's just in fun, and players have to get tired of the hype for a bad quarterback, but it's not the kid's fault.

Oh, yes it is his fault.  Tebow brought all this on himself.  He is not a 'kid'.  Many were hoping he'd flop in order to stop the holier than thou act, preaching about abortion, etc.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 8:29 pm

Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues


You're a f*t f*ck and a sh*t talker!

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 6:17 pm

Monday Musings: Pete Prisco is a joke!

You're still a mental & physical midget Prisco!

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 5:12 pm

Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues

This guy is half a man, and a Steeler hater... I try to pretend he doesn't exist. It's pretty easy actually since he's
not relevant in any particular way. Hines Ward has been a beast his whole career and will go out on his terms. not Piss-co's

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Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues

Dan Snyder is the Peter Angelos of the NFL.  Both have ruined proud franchises.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 3:53 pm

Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues

Beyond personnel issues/injuries, what's killing the Redskins is they don't call plays or put together a game plan that works to their strengths or away from their weaknesses.  Yesterday, when John Beck is getting his ass kicked by the Buffalo defense, why was Kyle Shanahan still dialing up plays calling for 7-step drops and patterns that need 15 yards to develop?  Switch to 3-step drops and quick dumps off to the TE & RB.  And while we're talking TE, why in the world was Fred Davis all but invisible yesterday?  He should have been THE receiver for the Skins.

You have to design your offense and call plays based on what you've got on the field and in uniform.  Shanahan is trying to call plays for the Houston offense, Andre Johnson, and Matt Schaub.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 3:39 pm

Monday Musings: Redskins have offensive issues

a team with grossman and beck at QB has issues ?..really?

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 3:35 pm

Monday Musings: All teams will have issues...

With the exception of Green Bay, every team in the league has been pronounced DOA only to miraculously ressurrect a week or two later. The Giants stumbled out of the gate, the Eagles were left for dead after weeks 3 and 4, the Steelers were too slow last month, etc. It's a long season, so all of these knee-jerk reactions are a joke. Injuries are a huge in determining the how far teams will go, and if the depth in not there then, yes there will be issues. Match-ups between all-pros and third-stringers will also be exploited as personnel is shuffled from week to week. The Skins, Saints, Cowboys, etc. had issues this week, but who will remember that next month after a couple of wins? The NFL is a roller-coaster..shut up and ride

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