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Monday Musings: Bengals front impressive

Posted on: November 7, 2011 4:57 pm

Watching the Cincinnati Bengals defensive line on tape has been impressive all season long. Seeing them live for the first time Sunday was even more so.

They have a ton of talent.

"We're eight deep," defensive end Carlos Dunlap said. "We roll them through."

Dunlap, who had two sacks against the Titans, might be the most impressive of the group. He is a big, fast, aggressive pass rusher.

He has only three sacks on the season, but he's been around the quarterback a lot. He did suffer a hamstring injury on the final play against the Titans, but he said he expects to play this week against the Steelers.

The Bengals are first in the league in yards-per-rush, which is how they put pressure on the opposing offense.

Another rising player: Defensive tackle Geno Atkins.

"We're young and we're getting better," Dunlap said. "We know we have talent, and we know we have a chance to be a good front.

Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has his unit playing great football.  It's time Zimmer gets some head-coaching consideration.

---As one of his teammates said, you can't spell elite without Eli.

For years, Eli Manning has taken an endless stream of criticism. Even after winning a Super Bowl, becoming the first quarterback in Super Bowl history to drive his team to two fourth-quarter go-ahead touchdowns, Manning still didn't get his due.

They said he throws too many interceptions. That he was too nonchalant. 

That's why Manning claim this summer that he was an elite quarterback was met with so much shock.

After he drove the Giants to a game-winning score to beat the Patriots, the question begs to be asked.

Is Eli Manning elite?

Not Peyton Manning-Tom Brady elite. But he's up there in the top-10.

Manning is having a great season in leading the Giants to a 6-2 record. He has 15 touchdown passes and six interceptions. He's thrown for 2,377 yards.  More impressive is that he leads the NFL in fourth-quarter passing. Manning has eight touchdown passes and two interceptions and a passer rating of 122.7 in the fourth quarter.

That shows him to be a clutch performer.

The Giants' schedule is tough the next month, starting this week at San Francisco, but Manning has proven a lot of critics wrong during his career.

He might not be Peyton good, but he's showing that elite might not be that far off.

----You have to give Joe Flacco a ton of credit for driving the Ravens 92 yards in the final minutes to beat the Steelers. After his fumble led to the Steelers' go-ahead score, how many people in Baltimore were cursing Flacco? That was a big-time drive that could be what helps turn Flacco into a top-tier quarterback. 

---Speaking of that drive, what the heck were the Steelers doing? Why were they in man coverage on the outside when the Ravens needed a touchdown and a field goal did them no good?  Dick LeBeau is one of the best coordinators ever, but he blew it there. One more thing: Where was James Harrison on that drive? 

---Didn't like seeing Ray Rice sidestep a leaping Harrison when he was attempting to block him. That makes Rice look soft.

---Memo to teams facing the Cardinals: Don't kick to Patrick Peterson. He has three punt returns for touchdowns, including one for 99 yards to beat the Rams in overtime Sunday.  Peterson is the first NFL rookie to have three punt returns for touchdowns in his first eight games.

---How do you stop Aaron Rodgers? You don't. The man is having the best season ever for a quarterback after eight weeks. Rodgers has passed for 2,619 yards and 24 touchdowns, making him the first player in NFL history with at least 2,600 yards and 24 touchdowns through a team’s first eight games. He has a chance to take down a lot of passing records. Brett who?

---The New England Patriots better improve that defense or they will be in big trouble come playoff time. They are 32nd in the league, which is last. They are also last in pass defense. Even Tom Brady can't overcome that.

---Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow made two nice throws for touchdowns. But he can't make a living rushing for over 100 yards. This is the NFL, son. You make your living in the pocket or you won't be around long.

---Was the Carson Palmer trade a flop for the Raiders? So far, you'd have to say yes. But Thursday's game at San Diego is the real litmus test. Palmer has to play well -- or the Raiders will be taking a ton of heat for the deal.

---In the weekly what-does-Peyton-Manning-mean-to-th
e-Colts item, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney didn't have a sack between them against the Falcons. That's what happens when you don't play with the lead.

---Is Antonio Gates old and fat? Well, he's older and he's fatter. So the anonymous quote about him is right. But he's also still productive. Gates is still a threat in the passing game, just not as good a threat as he once was.

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Posted on: November 11, 2011 7:03 pm

Monday Musings: Bengals front impressive

Oops, looks like the flop just put the Raiders on top of the division. People are just stupid.

Since: Mar 3, 2009
Posted on: November 8, 2011 1:42 pm

Monday Musings: Bengals front impressive

Yes... A little quick to the punch. Need more time than 2 games. Come back after he F's your season And team up. Thx for the 2 picks!!

Since: Nov 12, 2006
Posted on: November 8, 2011 1:57 am

Monday Musings: Bengals front impressive

For what the Raiders gave up to get him, it is a flop of epic proportions.  Ask any Bengal fan, and they will tell you that Palmer was washed up since 2008 (some will say since the knee injury in 2005).  Can he regain his "mojo"?  Maybe but he's kinda like Drew Bledsoe-- never lived up to the expectations.

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 9:24 pm

Monday Musings: Bengals front impressive

Two games in for Carson Palmer and we are deciding he is a flop. You're just dumb.

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