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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

Posted on: December 29, 2011 5:49 pm
Edited on: December 29, 2011 5:51 pm

Packers interior offensive line vs. Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh -- The last time they played, Suh stomped on guard Evan Dietrich-Smith to earn a two-game suspension. In the first meeting last season, the Packers said Suh punched center Scott Wells on the final play (a kneel down) at the end of the game. That makes this worth watching all day long. 

Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins vs. Ravens guard Marshal Yanda -- Atkins should be in the Pro Bowl. Yanda is going to Hawaii. The last time these two met, Atkins got the best of him. He made some impressive plays against Yanda. Atkins is quick and strong, while Yanda is powerful. Should be an all-day battle.

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul vs. Cowboys left tackle Doug Free -- Pierre-Paul is having his breakout season and had a sack in the last meeting between these teams. Free has struggled the past month, so this could be where the Giants get a huge edge. If Pierre-Paul can force a fumble or two, the Giants will win this game and the NFC East.

Jaguars tackle Eugene Monroe vs. Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney -- Monroe has quietly had a good season. He has held up well in pass protection, one of the few on the Jaguars line who has. Freeney hasn't been his usual dominant self, but he can still be an explosive edge rusher. Monroe has to keep Freeney off Blaine Gabbert if the Jaguars are to have any chance to move the football through the air. Freeney could be the player that ruins the Colts' chances to get Andrew Luck.

Lions receiver Calvin Johnson vs. Packers corner Tramon Williams -- In the first meeting, Williams did a great job shutting down Johnson in man coverage. Do the Packers play it that way again? Johnson has seen a lot of doubles the past month, but Green Bay has the confidence in Williams he can get the job done in man coverage.

Jets right tackle Wayne Hunter vs. Dolphins outside linebacker Cameron Wake -- Hunter has been a season-long liability for the Jets offense. He has had problems with speed rushers. Wake happens to be one of those. Wake will force the Jets to help some. If Hunter is one-on-one, Wake will destroy him.

Bengals receiver A.J. Green vs. Ravens corners Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb -- Green didn't play in the first meeting between the teams because of a knee injury. But he is back healthy, which will cause problems for the Baltimore secondary. Smith and Webb are coming off a good game last week at Cleveland and Webb has had a Pro Bowl-type of season. They have to contain Green.

Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali vs. Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady ---Hali is an elite pass rusher who plays with a relentless style. Clady was an elite left tackle in 2009, but he's still battling to get there after a 2010 knee injury. He has played better this season than last. I would also expect the Chiefs to put Hali over rookie right tackle Orlando Franklin in some situations.

Texans outside linebackers Connor Barwin and Brooks Reed vs. Titans tackles Michael Roos and David Stewart -- Barwin and Reed have impressed as pass rushers since Mario Williams went down for the season. Roos and Stewart are one of the best tackle tandems in the league. The Titans have to keep those pass rushers off Matt Hasselbeck here. With the Texans locked into the third seed, the only issue is how much they will play.

Cowboys receivers Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Laurent Robinson vs. Giants corners Corey Webster, Aaron Ross and Prince Amukamara -- The last time they played, the Cowboys got two long touchdown passes and should have had another late but Tony Romo missed a wide-open Austin. The Giants blew a lot of coverages in that game. They have to be better, even with Romo having the injured hand.


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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

Mick, Very good point. It still boils down for me who is quicker, who gets the jump on who. I like Cincy's linebackers swarm speed to the runner and can Flacco take advantage of the play action pass. I give the advantage to Cincy, Dalton to A.J. Green and hell, it's an away game for Ravens, in Cincy of all places. Cincy will give 110% effort, how much will the Ravens muster this week is anybody's guess. Cincy by 13 . JZ, Cheese Head

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

OK, I lost my glasses.  Somehow I missed the part about that happening LAST season.Embarassed

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

How the heck could Suh punch Wells on THE LAST PLAY OF THE GAME when he had been EJECTED long before that and was not even on the field??!!  I do believe the announcers will be making a lot of fuss over nothingduring the game.  That's their schtick.

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

The Ravens haven't won in Cincy in awhile.  They have trouble in Cincy and Lewis knows the Ravens pretty well.  With that said the Ravens have to come out and dominate this game on both sides of the ball.  Cincy is young and haven't been here before but that might not be a bad thing.  Not knowing sometimes works to your favor because of the non fear factor.  The Jets are regressing and might be in for a shock against the Fins.  Romeo will dail up a defense to stop Tebow and Michael Bush will stampede the Raiders into the playoff if they don't self emplode with penalties.  The Cowboys need to protect Romo and he call take advantage of a weak Giants secondary but if the Giants can put pressure on Romo the Cowboys will be in big trouble and probably miss the playoffs.Cool

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

Nobody's talking about the playing time for both Brady and Brees. Brady/Pats always play to the end of the game. Will Brees? Will Brady pass Brees in yardage if Brees comes out early? Should be interesting to see how both teams handle this.

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

Packers are dinged up and losing this game is not as critical as the lions situation.  Packers may choose to go into the playoffs healthy rather than risk further injuries.

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

In the defensive tackle vs. guard battle watch for Atkins to fake out Ray Rice even when he's been contained by Yanda.  On Rice's first "read" step after the snap, he looks for the presence of DL players in the gaps.  Atkins is good at getting his helmet in the B gap (outside of Yanda) even when contained and that may make Rice think he's plugging that gap and get Rice to cut back in or go the other way.  If Atkins is successful, it could hurt the Ravens ground game.

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

Unless you're the Colts, one man does not a season make!  Detroit did just fine without Suh and they will do just as fine with him.  When a "star" player goes out, everybody else on the team needs to step up - witness the Texans' great play!  AJ Green is a great player but he can't win the game by himself.  Ditto the Cowboy's receivers or the Giants' corners, although you never know just who will show up and actually play on both teams - I'm betting on the Giants!  I'm one of those who believes defense wins or loses games and the Giants, Miami, Houston, KC, the Bengals and Detroit have the defense!

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

Green won't do SQUAT, because Howdy Doody(aka Andy Dalton) will be running for his life ALL DAY.......Tsizzle.

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Week 17 Matchups: Packers O-line vs. Suh

I agree with you, pimpslapped.  All your "predictions".

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