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Divisional Round Matchups: Suggs vs. Brown

Posted on: January 12, 2012 5:07 pm

Texans left tackle Duane Brown vs. Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs -- Brown has been one of the better left tackles in the league. He has really improved in pass protection. Suggs is a force off the corner. He tends to get sacks in bunches, so Brown can't allow him to get going. If he does, it could be trouble for T.J. Yates.

Ravens nose tackle Terrence Cody vs. Texans center Chris Myers -- If the Texans are gong to run the football, they have to move Cody off the line. That means Myers. He is good at taking the nose where he starts to go. But if Cody is playing him head up, it could be trouble for Myers to move him. He isn't that strong.

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul vs. Packers left tackle Chad Clifton -- The last time the Giants played the Packers, Pierre-Paul had a big day against Marshall Newhouse, who was playing for the injured Clifton. With Clifton back, the Packers have to feel better about the pass protection. He is good at it. But he isn't a great run blocker.

Packers corner Tramon Williams vs. Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks -- Williams usually takes the team's top receiver if the Packers play a lot of man. They used him some on Nicks in the last meeting, and Nicks beat him for a long play. Even though Victor Cruz had a better season, Nicks is still the Giants top receiving threat.

Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow vs. Patriots coach Bill Belichick -- Belichick has had two weeks to prepare for Tebow and the Broncos' gimmick offense. That will give him a big edge on Tebow. What does Belichick throw at him that will be different from the last meeting? I bet it's a lot. How well Tebow handles that will go a long way in determining if Denver can move the football.

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham vs. 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis and others -- Graham is a huge part of the Saints offense. His ability to stretch the field as a tight end almost mandates a safety covers him, but word is the 49ers will try and handle him with Willis, one of the league's best cover linebacker. But you can bet the 49ers will also put a safety on him in other situations.

49ers defensive end/tackle Justin Smith vs. Saints guard Carl Nicks -- Smith is a 3-4 defensive end, but when the 49ers go to a sub-package, they put Aldon Smith next to Justin Smith, and he moves inside. That could put Justin Smith him on Nicks, one of the best guards in the NFL in a lot of passing situations. That's force vs. force.

Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey vs. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski -- At times in his career, Bailey has played a lot of man coverage on tight ends. He is used to it with Antonio Gates in his division. I would imagine that the Broncos would put Bailey on Gronkowski some in this game in man coverage. I know I would.

Patriots corner Devin McCourty vs. Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas -- The Broncos have one real receiving threat, and that's Thomas. He is coming off a 204-yard receiving game last week against Pittsburgh. McCourty is a good player who had a bad year. He isn't a great man cover player, and was torched some early playing it, but he might be asked to come up big here. Kyle Arrington might also spend 

Texans receiver Andre Johnson vs. Ravens corner Lardarius Webb -- Johnson didn't play in the first meeting. This time, you can expect him to challenge the Baltimore corners down the field. Webb, who has had a good season, will likely spend a lot of the day on Johnson. That's a tough challenge for any corner.


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Posted on: January 14, 2012 1:32 pm

Divisional Round Matchups: J. Graham vs. Willis

I hope the 49'ers make the mistake of trying to cover Jimmy Graham with a linebacker.  I don't care who... a linebacker cannot cover Jimmy Graham one on one.  He runs more like a receiver than a tight end.  Long day for Willis if they really ask him to chase Big Jimmy Graham.

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Posted on: January 14, 2012 1:21 pm

Divisional Round Matchups: Suggs vs. Brown

Your logic is impeccable  Luiegrande..lolz

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 1:10 pm

Divisional Round Matchups: Suggs vs. Brown

WTH does that mean???  LOL  The Benglas scored more on The Ravens than The Texans so it's going to be close??? WTF?  The Bengals are a divisional opponent.  Detroit and Chicago both played tight with Green Bay because they know each other, same reason Cleveland hangs with Pittsburgh.  The Ravens also put 31 on Cin this year not that you logic makes any sense.  Stats?  Um Ravens 29 Texans 14 and that's with a Flacco fumble inside the 20 that resulted in a quick 6...oh yea pretty sure that was Foster fumbling that one too (like last week) that Wade had to recover for the TD.  Nobody is giving Baltimore that much respect to walk in this one.  Houston is the most complete team in The AFC when 100% bu that egde is largely due to Schaub because Baltimore has the WRs and RBs to counter.  Trouble is TJ Yates is running this one.  Unless the Houston defense scores or gets more turn overs deep inside BAL terrirtory, Houston will need to rely on a Cundiff choke or two to win.  There will be plenty of sacks on both sides in this one.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 10:35 am

Divisional Round Matchups: Suggs vs. Brown

If you look at the stats the Texans stats are actually better than the Ravens.  Look at the last common opponent, the Bengals, Texans beat them 31-10 while the Ravens won 24-16. In short the Ravens could not score as much as Houston and the Bengals were able to score more on the Ravens than the Texans.  The result? Don't be so sure of a Ravens victory.

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