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Posted on: April 23, 2011 10:28 am
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Purge, Brandon, purge

I like Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall.


He's always been straight-up with me and given me the time that I've needed.

But I have to ask this question: Why does trouble seem to follow him around?

Does he put himself in bad situations? Is he involved with the wrong women? Is it him?

Whatever the case, Marshall needs to avoid it. The latest news that he was stabbed int he stomach Friday in what is being reported as a domestic dispute -- it might be his wife who did the stabbing -- is downright scary. It looks like he will be OK. This time.

What about the next time? What if the vital organs aren't missed, which is being reported here to be the case? Marshall was with Darrent Williams the night he was shot in killed when they played together in Denver. That should be reason enough to stay out of bad situations.

Marshall might need to re-evaluate the people in his life, including his wife. I don't know about you, but I don't think my wife would blade me, so something is off.

Marshall is not a bad dude. I mean it.

Maybe he just hangs with the wrong people -- including those close to him.

There's too much at stake, Brandon. Like living.

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Posted on: April 14, 2010 9:46 am
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Broncos: Personality over talent


Forget the 40 times. Forget size, weight, strength and ability.

The new personnel mantra for the Denver Broncos is this: If the coach doesn't like you, you are gone.

How else can we explain the trading away of quarterback Jay Cutler and receiver Brandon Marshall in the past two years?

Marshall is int he process of being traded to the Miami Dolphins for two second-round picks, one this year and one next, a move that comes ones year after Cutler was traded to the Chicago Bears.

The fact is McDaniels didn't like either player.

The fact is both can play.

The fact is the Broncos have no battery that excites anymore.

Can Cutler be a pain in the butt? You bet. Can Marshall? Hell, yes.

But if you are a coach with personnel power and you go around getting rid of every player you don't like, you may as well suit up 22 Tim Tebows.

The move for Miami comes weeks after Dolphins coach Tony Sparano publicly said they had no interest in Marshall. It tells me they scoured the NFL receiver prospects and didn't like what they saw.

Plus, Bill Parcells and his crew think they can handle anybody. He's Parcells after all.

Who doesn't listen to the Man who Invented Football? Remember how his strict discipline ways dealt with Lawrence Taylor when he was a coach in New York? Oh, wait. He never did.

Getting Marshall is a nice coup for the Dolphins. He will become Chad Henne's go-to guy. But it has risks. Marshall has had problems in the past, on and off the field.

I like him. I talked to him for a while at the Pro Bowl. I even told him I didn't think a team would do a trade-and-sign deal with him.

He argued why they would. At the time, he made it known he wanted out, mainly because he didn't like the coach in Denver.

Now the Dolphins have to likely give him a new contract soon -- why trade for him if you don't? -- and Marshall will be proven right.

In Denver, they're left wondering what they have on offense. This is a passing league now and McDaniels has traded away his pitcher and his top catcher.

Maybe, I'm wrong. Maybe Parcells shouldn't have that title anymore. Maybe McDaniels is the Man Who Invented the Game of Football.

His arrogance sure seems that way.




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Posted on: March 5, 2010 3:26 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

Would I give up the sixth overall pick in the draft for Denver receiver Brandon Marshall -- which means paying him a contract that will likely average about $12 million a year?

That's a tough one.

Marshall is reportedly scheduled to visit with Seattle Saturday and word is the Seahawks will try to sign him to an offer sheet. The Broncos would have seven days to match it, or get back the sixth pick in the draft.

The two sides could also negotiate a lesser package, which is possible.

Marshall is a really good player. He does come with baggage, but I think a lot of that is overrated. My question with the Seahawks bid land him is this: Who will throw it to him?

Matt Hasselbeck looks done. Maybe the Seahawks will take Jimmy Clausen with their second first-round pick.

You have to think with Paul Allen money the Seahawks will get Marshall if they want him.
I like Seattle's aggression. And, to be honest, I like Marshall.

I told him at the Pro Bowl that no team would trade and pay for him. Maybe that won't happen, but Seattle seems willing to part with a first-round pick and pay him.

Same thing, I guess.


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Posted on: January 1, 2010 8:59 pm

Marshall better be hurt

Don't players usually know when they're hurt and when they're not? Why can't Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels respect the fact that Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall has a hurt hamstring?

He just doesn't believe him. So he won't play him this week against the Kansas City Chiefs in a game the Broncos need to have any chance to make the playoffs. Not because he's hurt, but because he thinks he's not.


Don't you think Marshall would play if he could? This a bad thing for a coach to do, questioning whether a player is truly hurt. If Marshall is hurt, and it sounds like he is, McDaniels could lose the locker room. I just don't understand the rationale for Marshall to fake it.

If the game meant nothing, then maybe I could understand it. This game matters.

The two mean have a love-hate relationship anyway, which seems to be back in hate mode.

Marshall wanted a new contract before the season, but with all his baggage you can't blame the Broncos for not giving him one. He lollygagged through a practice and McDaniels suspended him. They made up. Now they're fighting again. I think Marshall has played well enough this season that he's earned McDaniels' backing.

Now this?

I don't get it. What can McDaniels get out of calling him out?

If the Broncos lose to the Chiefs, or win and don't make the playoffs, that fast 6-0 start will seem like years ago. McDaniels acted for a while like he invented the damn game when he was on top. Now it's getting away from him and it's not all lovey-dovey anymore.

We get that he jettisoned Jay Cutler and still thinks that's a great move. It actually has looked better for McDaniels than I expected it would, but I still think the Broncos need a franchise passer. That's another story.

This is about Marshall, a Pro Bowl talent who the coach thinks is dogging it.

McDaniels better be right.

If not, the inmates are about to take over the asylum.
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Posted on: August 28, 2009 10:56 am
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Marshall is an idiot



I'm done with Brandon Marshall, a player I've defended in the past. He is just plain stupid.
His act this week, where he made a mockery of his time on the practice field, was the end of me thinking this guy wasn't an idiot. Now the Denver Broncos have suspended him for conduct detrimental to the team. The length of the suspension wasn't announced, but the longest it can be is four games. There is some talk that it will be only for the preseason. Is that a penalty or a reward if that's the case?
Look, we know you're not happy in Denver. We know you want out. But what he did the other day on the football field, walking when the rest of the team was running and intentionally dropping passes, was over the top.
That insults teammates.
He's as talented as he is stupid, which makes it even worse.
Marshall was one of the NFL's best receivers last season, proving he was not just a one-hit wonder in 2007. He has had more than 100 catches each of the past two seasons, hauling in 226 passes in that time. He wants a new deal for those numbers, even though he has two years left on his contract.
That's why he's pouting.
He's also not happy the Broncos traded away Jay Cutler. Would you be?
Even so, he's gone too far.
Now what? Sit around and not get paid? How will that work for you, Brandon?
Does his latest incident help his trade value?
I think not.
The Broncos have to know that now.
When he was rumored to be on the market in the spring, his best friend, Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Mike Walker, even admitted Marshall was a risk.
"You have faults, but look at what he brings to that team," Walker said. "If they want to work out a contract, they can work it out. Put stuff in it. Put clauses in it. Put stuff in it that will penalize him if he gets in trouble so you can pay the man. He deserves it. He's a good guy. Whoever pays him will see that. I know it. Brandon Marshall isn't who everybody thinks he is."
No, he's worse.
He disrespected the game this week.
That's a coaching nightmare.
The other side of this is the football side. In December, the Broncos had one of the best young pass-catching combos in football. They had Cutler to Marhall. But new coach Josh McDaniels, he of the my-way-or-highway approach, has traded Cutler and not has suspended Marshall.
This one was warranted, but you have to wonder if it happens if the Cutler trade doesn't.
Hope Denver fans are excited about Kyle Orton to Eddie Royal. It's what your left with now, thanks to two stubborn men, one an idiot receiver and one a headstrong coach.

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