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Posted on: November 15, 2010 5:55 pm

Redskins rush McNabb deal

So I guess Donovan McNabb isn't so out of shape after all and does know the offense well enough.

How else can we explain the Washington Redskins giving him a five-year, $78-million contract, with a reported $40 million in guarantees?

One thought: What was the rush?

If the Redskins were so concerned about McNabb -- and I think Mike Shanahan handled the benching two Sundays ago horribly -- why give him this deal? Couldn't the Redskins have waited to see if McNabb is indeed the player they thought he was?

McNabb has never been dedicated to the task like he should be. That's why he sometimes isn't in shape. But I think he has talent.

I think he's the Redskins best option now and in the near future. But he's 34, and he's coming off a game that saw Rex Grossman of all people take his spot.

This one smells of Dan Snyder. He might have forced this on Shanahan, which could be the undoing of that relationship if that's indeed the case.

That's one rich deal for a player who was yanked in crunch time in his last game.



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Posted on: April 4, 2010 11:39 pm
Edited on: April 4, 2010 11:49 pm

Eagles rolling the dice

The Washington Redskins have a real quarterback.

Do the Philadelphia Eagles?

As word trickled in Sunday that the Eagles had traded quarterback Donovan McNabb, I was lost in a food poison stupor.

I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating.

The Redskins? From the same division?

That's how desperate the Eagles were to find a trade partner, receiving a second-round pick from the Redskins in this year's draft and another draft pick -- third- or fourth-round pick -- in next year's draft.

As one personnel man told me last week, "They don't have a lot going for him."

So they settled. The Redskins had a big hole at quarterback to fill. The Eagles might still have one.

They love Kevin Kolb. And I do as well.

But let's be real. His track record grade is still incomplete.

Andy Reid is betting a lot on Kolb.

He better hope this one doesn't backfire. Kolb or McNabb next season goes to McNabb.

The Eagles better hope Kolb for the long run is what they expect him to be.

If not, can you imagine Philadelphia talk radio next year?


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Posted on: November 24, 2008 5:06 pm

Monday Musings

I think the Philadelphia Eagles are doing the right thing keeping Donovan McNabb as their starting quarterback.

If he goes bad Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals, I will change that thinking.

For now, he should stay.

McNabb has had a rough two-week go on the road, but he deserves a home start before he's sitting for good.

The other thing is Kevin Kolb, the team's second-year player, didnít exactly light it up when he took over in the loss to the Ravens Sunday.

The one thing about the McNabb situation that does disturb me is that coach Andy Reid didn't tell McNabb of his benching. He let quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmur do it. That isn't right, especially considering all those two have been through together.

That seemed cowardly to me.

Quick hits

---It will be interesting to see how Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano handles Joey Porter after he refused to leave the game after getting a 15-yard penalty for running his mouth Sunday. Sparano sent in Charlie Anderson to replace Porter, who refused to leave the field. Sparano should have called timeout and yanked Porter -- embarrassing him even. I don't care if he does lead the NFL with 14 1/2 sacks. That's showing up the coach. You're not bigger than that, Joey. Patriots players said Porter talked non-stop on the field. Funny thing is he was nowhere to be found after the game. Mr. Media Darling didn't talk after the game. Nice going, Joey.

---I was like an expectant father when the Arizona Cardinals used the fair-catch, free-kick at the end of the first half of their loss to the New York Giants. The little-known rule came with 5 seconds left after Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt instructed return man Steve Breaston to call for a fair catch off a Giants punt at his own 42. Kicker Neil Rackers then tried a 68-yard field goal with no rush. If he made the kick, it would have counted for three points. I loved it. Too bad Rackers tried to hard to make it and shanked it. The last made free kick came in 1975. That's too long ago.

---Right after saluting Whisenhunt, I have to take exception with the Cardinals running a wishbone set with Anquan Boldin at quarterback against the Giants. Boldin took a snap and ran wide and got a short gain. Why take the ball out of the hands of your possible MVP quarterback? Does that make sense? Scrap that stuff quickly.

---Was Sunday the day the Wildcat died in Miami? Let's hope so. That's nothing but a gimmick. The Dolphins were held to 25 yards on eight plays out of the Wildcat formation. Again, why take the ball out of the quarterback's hands and limit what you can do. It's only a matter of time, by the way, before teams start hitting the quarterback when he is split wide.

---Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is the best at his position, but New England's Vince Wilfork isn't much behind. He dominated against the Dolphins Sunday and has all season long. If he's not in the Pro Bowl this season, it will be a joke.

---Is it time again to bring the heat on Mike Shanahan? If the Broncos donít make the playoffs in that bad division, it will be.

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Posted on: November 19, 2008 4:50 pm

Prisco rants


I've heard a lot of hollering this week for the NFL to do away with ties. That came after the Bengals and Eagles played to a tie after overtime last Sunday.

So what should they do? Play on until someone scores?

That sounds all well and good, but if the teams play two more quarters and don't score, that will take away from the competitive balance the next week they play.

Let's say one of those teams that were forced to play two extra quarters had to play a Thursday night game? Where's the fairness in that?

That's why ties are still in place. We've had two in the past six years.

We can deal with that as long as it keeps competitive balance.

There's no way players should be forced to play an extra half, or more, to decide a game.

Quick hits

---It was interesting to note that when John Lynch retired this week, almost all the stories mentioned that he was a definite Hall of Fame player. He might get in, but I'm not sure he's a definite. I always thought he was a good, not great, player. Former Green Bay Packers safety LeRoy Butler was a better player than Lynch was and should get in before him. If Butler doesn't get in, Lynch shouldn't either. He was a good player, but I think there's a lot of John Madden's hype that helped Lynch through the years. He's also a good guy with the media, which will help. But so was Butler. Lynch before Butler? No way. And don't give me that Pro Bowl scoreboard. That's the problem with the Hall voting. The media is quick to say the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest when the votes are announced each year, yet when it comes time for the Hall voting they use Pro Bowls as a gauge. That's not right. Lynch went to nine Pro Bowls, more than Butler, but that shouldn't matter.

---Matt Cassel has played well the past two weeks. Well enough that someone might just give him a long-term contract next season. But let's at least wait until the end of the season before deciding he's going to cash in on a mega-deal. Two games does not make a franchise passer. I actually read somewhere where it was mentioned that maybe the Patriots could trade Tom Brady. What? When he comes back, he's the quarterback. Period. Why would the Patriots give away a franchise passer who is coming off a 50-touchdown season? One more thing: Brady can throw the deep ball, while Cassel doesn't throw it well.

--- If you said the loss of running back Earnest Graham for the season would be a big hit for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a couple of years ago, people would have fitted you for a straightjacket. It is now. Graham was placed on the injured-reserve list this week with a severe ankle injury. The Bucs will miss his toughness. Warrick Dunn will take over as the featured back for now, but Cadillac Williams is close to playing. Neither of those two runs as hard as Graham.

---The Arizona Cardinals and the Tennessee Titans can become the first two teams to clinch playoff spots this week. Who had that tandem in a parlay before the season? The Cardinals can clinch by beating the Giants and having the 49ers lose and the Seahawks lose or tie. The Titans can clinch by beating the Jets combined with a Miami loss or tie, a Baltimore loss or tie and a Pittsburgh loss.

---So Donovan McNabb doesn't want to talk about the tie issues anymore. Well, then study the damn game. How in the heck does he not know a game ends in a tie after the first overtime? If he didn't think that was the case, wouldn't he have asked the coaches what they were doing throwing a Hail Mary on the last play of the overtime? Think Peyton Manning doesn't know the rules?



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