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Posted on: January 5, 2010 9:35 pm
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The food is rotten

I get Mike Shanahan the coach.

I don't get Mike Shanahan the personnel man.

The Washington Redskins have hired Shanahan, the worst kept secret in football, and given him a five-year deal that is believed to pay him $7 million a season to be coach and executive vice president of football operations. He will have final say on all personnel decisions, which is scary.

Look at his track record in Denver and tell me if he's earned that right.

Shanahan is a heck of a coach, especially when it comes to offense. But his personnel decisions in Denver were horrible. And that's being kind.

Look at some of the high draft picks he had in Denver that flopped. Players like Marucs Nash, Ashley Lelie, Willie Middlebrooks, George Foster and Jarvis Moss were all first-round picks that busted. He also spent each year trying to fix a defense that always seemed to be a problem.

In doing so, he always seemed to be bringing in castoffs with baggage or former flops from other teams. Players like Gerard Warren, Dewayne Robertson and Courtney Brown.

None of it seemed to fix the defense. He also changed defensive coordinators like he changed his underwear, always pinning the blame elsewhere.

The reality is his defenses were bad because his personnel decisions were bad.

Mike Shanahan the coach was fired because of Mike Shanahan the personnel man.

And now he has that power again?

What is Dan Snyder doing?

I know coaches like to shop for the groceries if they're making the meal, like Bill Parcells says, but the problem is the groceries most of these coaches with personnel power bring him are too often rotten.

Ever try and make a nice meal with gray meat?

Why didn't Snyder hire a personnel man to make the decisions? Or let Bruce Allen, his new general manager, make them? Did I just write that? Even Allen is a better option than Shanahan.

The job is way too big for one man. And there are too many good football people out there who deserve a chance to make those decisions for a team.
Snyder blew it again.

This is his seventh coach since he took over the team. I don't mind the hiring of Shanahan the coach. He will be fine.

But Shanahan the personnel man comes with baggage: Rotten groceries that ruined plenty of potentially good meals in Denver.

I have a feeling there will be no five-star meals served in Washington either.




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Posted on: January 4, 2010 6:09 pm
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Monday Musings

----Jim Zorn was fired Monday. Did you hear? Now it's Mike Shanahan time. When does he sign the $10 million per year deal? Tuesday? He's on his way there. I think Shanahan is a good hire, so long as he has no influence in the football decisions. We know that Mike Shanahan the GM did in Mike Shanahan the coach in Denver.

----The hiring of Buddy Nix as general manager in Buffalo might seem odd considering he's 70, but talking to league personnel his reputation as a scout is very good. The Bills need that. Plus, it wasn't like Russ Brandon was going to hire a real general manager. That would take away from his power.

---The NFL didn’t do the Jets any favors by scheduling them for the first playoff game this weekend after playing the last game of this past week. Maybe they feel guilty for what the Colts did when they laid down against the Jets two weeks ago.

---The Patriots will be hurting without Wes Welker for the playoffs, but Julian Edelman is a mini-Welker. When you close your eyes and watch him, you'd swear it was Welker. The loss of Welker will hurt, but as long as the Patriots have Randy Moss to take coverage and stretch the field, they will be fine in the passing game. Moss is the one they can't replace. They can replace Welker.

---It's too bad Welker got hurt in a contract year. But the kid loves the game and you can bet he will be diligent in his rehab. He'll be fine. His speed isn't what makes him go anyway.

---There are a lot of people rushing to bury the Bengals after what happened Sunday night against the Jets, but let's not forget that this team was a fumble away from taking the lead late at San Diego a few weeks ago. They can play with anybody. The last game is no indicator.

---Some scream that former Raiders punter Ray Guy should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Maybe, but he's not even the best Oakland punter ever. That's current Raiders punter Shane Lechler. He has better numbers than Guy across the board. Lechler just finished an amazing season, averaging 51.1 per punt, just shy of the NFL record of 51.4 held by Sammy Baugh, a 69-year-old record.

---Where has Willis McGahee been all season? He ran for 177 yards and three scores against the Raiders after having little impact this season playing behind Ray Rice. McGahee looked explosive in his runs, including a 77-yard touchdown run.

---How's this for a change at the top: All four bye teams from last season failed to make the playoffs. The Steelers, Giants, Titans and Panthers will all be watching the playoffs. That's the NFL way.

---Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes himself available in the locker room after every game. Most writers make jokes about him doing so, but I think it's great. He is candid. He doesn't back away from the issues and he gives a good quote. Would they rather he not be available? I'll take it when I can get it.

----After Tim Tebow impressed so much against Cincinnati, the talk about his draft stock was bound to increase. But don't get fooled. That was a heck of a game, but how many times did he have to read the field? And what about that motion? And those feet? Look, he's a great college player. But there are a lot of flaws. I'd take him in the fourth round and work with him. I wouldn't waste a pick in the top three rounds. He's a project.
---There is a lot of talk that Jack Del Rio will be fired in Jacksonville. It's not happening. Del Rio has three years left on his contract at close to $5 million per season and his assistants just re-upped. This was a rebuilding year. If the Jaguars wanted to dump him, they should have dumped him after last season. There is some truth to the report that Del Rio isn't on great terms with owner Wayne Weaver. Del Rio doesn't put in the time that Tom Coughlin did when he was in Jacksonville, but who would? Del Rio gets another year. David Garrard will not. That's the problem with that team. They can't throw it well enough to win. And then Garrard basically called out his receivers last week, saying the team needed another threat. They could use one, but wouldn't they all be much better if Garrard wasn't throwing to them?

---The word is the Cleveland Browns are going to hire former Seattle, New Orleans and Miami general manager Randy Mueller. Why? Go get some new blood. It makes no sense.

----The Wildcat is dead. The Wildcat is dead. With a few exceptions, the offense is gone. I told you.

----My first impression of Cowboys Stadium is this: Wow. That scoreboard is incredible. And the experience is crazy. Where else can you see pole dancers -- OK, they're not quite that -- in the end zone during games. Say this about Jones: The man knows how to put on a show and make money.

----JaMarcus Russell is a bust. It's official now. When you're not better than Charlie Frye, you are a bust.

---Is Josh McDaniels still a genius? Didn't think so.

----Jay Cutler has played well the past two weeks. Where was that all season?

----Watching the past couple of weeks of games with backups tells a very sobering story. The backup quarterbacks aren't very good. Now you know why the league does everything it can to protect the star passers.

---Tom Cable and his staff will find out their fates out next week. I'd be shocked if they are back.


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Posted on: December 30, 2008 5:54 pm

Shanahan the GM does in Shanahan the coach

With the news that Mike Shanahan is out as the Denver Broncos coach, there is a moral to the story, one the New York Jets should pay attention to as they talk to Bill Cowher.

Don't give personnel-decision making powers to the coach.

That doesn't work.

Shanahan the coach was outstanding. Shanahan the personnel man made a ton of mistakes.

He brought in bad people. He brought in bad players.

Shanahan the coach couldn’t overcome that, which is why he was fired.

In a statement sent out by the Broncos, Denver owner Pat Bowlen, "After giving this careful consideration, I have concluded that a change in our football operations is in the best interests of the Denver Broncos. This is certainly a difficult decision, but one that I feel must be made and which will ultimately be in the best interests of all concerned.”

The fall of the power-hungry coaches happens. They want it al, and it can't be done.
Tom Coughlin was a great coach in Jacksonville. He just wasn't as good a personnel guy, which caught up to him. He needed a personnel man to make decisions. Mike Holmgren was a Super Bowl winning coach in Green Bay, but didn't get it done in Seattle when he had total control and was still the coach.

The job is too big now. You can't do both.

Shanahan is still a good coach. He just isn't capable of handling the GM/coach responsibilities.

Nobody can.

The Jets better pay attention to that when they talk to Cowher, who wants it all. Don't give it to him. It will be his undoing as a coach.


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