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Posted on: September 3, 2011 3:33 pm
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Pats admit mistake

Brandon Meriweather went to the Pro Bowl last season.

He was released by the New England Patriots Saturday.

Two things about that: The Pro Bowl voting is a joke  and the Patriots are one of the teams that will cast aside premium draft picks if they can't play, rather than hold onto them for looks sake.

Meriweather regressed in a big way in 2010 after showing promise in 2009. He wasn't great in coverage, and it showed.

If you can't cover these days, you aren't worth having on the field.

So if  you hear the phrase "Pro Bowl player," take it with a grain of salt.

Right, Brandon Meriweather?

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Posted on: November 22, 2010 5:21 pm

Monday Musings

---Danny Woodhead? Danny Woodhead? If any one player epitomizes the Bill Belichick way, it's Woodhead. The Patriots acquired him when the Jets let him go. Woodhead's 36yard touchdown run was a big play in New England's 31-28 victory over the Colts. He's also an adept receiver out of the backfield and has played some receiver. Woodhead is small by running-back standards. He's 5-foot-7. When he left the podium Sunday, his first trip to the spot usually reserved for the high-profile players, he joked: "Maybe next time they could bring in a step ladder for me to stand on." No, Danny. You stand plenty tall now.

--The Cowboys are 2-0 since Jason Garrett took over as the interim coach after the firing of Wade Phillips. When Garrett took over, I wasn't sure he would be a good fit for the long term. Now I'm not so sure about that. Garrett has instilled a much-needed discipline with the Cowboys. They look to be paying more attention to detail. If they can beat the Saints Thursday, who knows? Maybe they can make the playoffs at 9-7. Garrett might be making Jerry Jones' decision for a new coach easier than expected.

---Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew got off to a slow start this season in part because teams were loading up top stop him. But once the passing game improved, Jones-Drew got hot. He had 132 rushing yards against the Browns Sunday, but it was his 75-yard run after catching a short pass that was the difference in the game. It was vintage Jones-Drew, weaving through and running through tacklers. He's a tough football player who plays hard all the time./Jones-Drew also battled through some injuries earlier this season, but he never let on about them. That's not his way.

---The Bills have an emerging weapon in third-year receiver Steve Johnson. He had three touchdown catches against the Bengals and is a nice compliment to Lee Evans. Andrew Luck will have a some nice receivers when he gets to Buffalo next year.

---Mike Vick said in an interview Sunday that he cheated the Atlanta Falcons? You think. Vick didn't put in the work, which showed. But the Falcons are at fault as well. They enabled him. They allowed him to get away with the things he did. Vick has matured. And he is a better player because of it. But it's too bad it took going to prison to change that.

---Did the Giants figure out a way to slow Vick? They seemed to force him to move to his right. It's evident he doesn't throw as well going to that side.

---Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was as down as I've seen him after the Colts loss to the Patriots. He was disappointed in his late-game interception, but he's also a realist. He knows that he has to do even more with all the injuries the team has. That's why he tried to make a throw to win the game, rather than play it safe with the field goal. It was the right decision. The Colts are now tied with Jacksonville for first place in the division, but the Jaguars have four tough road games left, including one at Indianapolis. The Colts will still win the division.

----The NFC West is a disaster. They all lost Sunday. Yecch. The Seahawks lead the division with a .500 record. Is a team with a losing record going to make the playoffs? It's possible. I hate that. And I thought a team with a losing record going to the bowls was bad.

----The Raiders became the Raiders again Sunday. They made mistakes. They turned the ball over. They had dumb penalties. Richard Seymour was ejected for punching Ben Roethlisberger. That can't happen. I like Seymour, and he's played well for the Raiders, but there is no way that can happen. He's smarter than that.

---So Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe is talking to the media again? Did anybody know he wasn't?

---New England corner Devin McCourty is the next great corner in the league. Yes, I said great. He is a rookie who plays like a veteran. He is smooth in coverage. McCourty will be a start.

---It will be interesting to see how the Titans handle the Vince Young situation. The Titans coaches, including Jeff Fisher, have never been in Young's corner. They see a player who doesn't put the work in and doesn't pass it as well as he should. But owner Bud Adams loves Young. This could be a Young goes or Fisher goes situation. I don't think they can co-exist.

---If there is a better defensive tackle than Jacksonville's Terrance Knighton I'd like to see him. Knighton was dominant against the Browns Sunday. He was a force all day. The man known as "Pot Roast" should be on his way to the Pro Bowl.

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Posted on: April 15, 2008 7:09 pm

Best heads West

The New England Patriots have one of the easiest schedules in the league. Yet you're going to hear some griping from Pats fans and others that the way the four road trips to the West Coast are on the schedule isn't fair.

And they're probably right. The Patriots have to go to San Francisco and San Diego in successive weeks in October. They also go to Seattle and Oakland in December in back-to-back weeks.

But I can tell you this: A lot of teams would trade those four games for a chance to play six division games against the three other teams in the AFC East.

That division is weak. The Patriots own it. That offsets those trips to the West Coast.
Plus, won't it be fun to see Randy Moss playing in the Black Hole in Oakland?


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