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Posted on: January 2, 2012 11:42 am

Monday Musings: Jones-Drew proves his point

Maurice Jones-Drew was right. He was better than I had him ranked on my list of the top-100 NFL players.

Jones-Drew took offense to me having him ranked fifth among NFL running backs when the list came out last spring. He was 37th overall. So I asked him where he'd rank himself among the backs.

"First," he said.

Right now, it's hard to argue that. Jones-Drew won the NFL rushing title Sunday, the first of his career, but the amazing thing is that he did without any help from the passing game. The Jaguars were last in the NFL in passing yards and Jones-Drew often had to do it against 8-man fronts.

Jones-Drew ran for 1,606 yards to win the rushing title. He ran for 169 yards against the Colts to win the title Sunday. Jones-Drew represented 44.7-percnet of the Jaguars offense this season.

That's way too much.

He needs help. Can you imagine what he could do if the Jaguars actually had a passing game? They will spend in free agency to fix that side of the ball, getting a couple of receivers likely and then also find a coach who isn't run-centric. 

Jones-Drew might not be as big a part of the offense going forward, but that wouldn't be a bad thing, He's getting far too many carries and taking far too many hits.

But, for now, it's hard to argue with his choice of where he should be in the NFL pecking order of backs.

There was nobody better in 2011.

---Matt Flynn is a player a quarterback-needy team should sign, with one caveat. It has to be a West Coast team. Flynn looked fantastic against the Lions Sunday, throwing six touchdown passes. He also threw for 480 yards. Flynn looked a lot like Aaron Rodgers with his ball-fakes and mannerisms. The difference is arm strength. He doesn't have a big arm, so the West Coast offense is what would work for him. He's a free agent who will get paid. Smart and accuracy are his strong points. 

---I've said all along that the Lions pass defense wasn't good enough, that the corners and secondary would be their undoing. In the second half of the season, that defense has been horrible. Can you imagine how excited Drew Brees is to face them again?

---The more and more I hear is that former Titans coach Jeff Fisher will be the Rams coach now that Steve Spagnuolo is fired. Fisher has ties to the Rams and is close with several people in the organization.

----Name to consider in some spots is Jim Haslett, Redskins defensive coordinator. He will get a sniff for some of the head-coaching spots. And he should.

---I love the idea that Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis is this secret candidate in Jacksonville. That's been known for a while -- even mentioned in several spots here. General manager Gene Smith really likes DeCamillis. 

---Where are all the good, young offensive coordinators? That's the trouble with trying to find a coach this season. That's why Bengals coordinator Jay Gruden will get a shot, even though he's in his first season running the Cincinnati offense. 

---The Patriots tight ends are sensational. Rob Gronkowski had the best season ever for a tight end. But the Patriots have to get more from their outside passing game come playoff time. The field shrinks and teams will double Gronkowski. 

----The Jets need to upgrade at outside linebacker and safety. You can have the great corners, but if you can't cover on the back end and combine it with an inability to get tot the passer, you will have trouble on defense. Eric Smith is bad in the back end and the Jets don't have a reliable outside rusher in their 3-4 defense.

---The more I watch the Saints offense, the more I am convinced they made a bad move to trade into the first round to draft running back Mark Ingram last year. He's out with a toe injury, and they don't miss him at all. A grinder back isn't nearly as valuable in the Saints offense as he is in other offenses. Chris Ivory and Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles are perfect for what the Saints do. They should have used that pick on a defensive player if they were going to make the move.

---The Tim Tebow chatter sure has quieted down. That's because he's not winning. It's because he's turning the ball over and it's because he can't pass the football. I stuck to my evaluation on him when everybody else was caving. So who was right? Is Tebow the long-term answer? Not a chance. It's sad almost to watch him play quarterback. Playoffs or not, the Broncos have to know they need to get a franchise passer.

---I spent a five days with the Rams last summer, with the idea they were a team on the rise. Oops. They had far too many injuries this season and the early schedule was brutal. But with Sam Bradford and the second pick in the draft next spring, they have a nice foundation in place. There is a good group of core players there. That makes it an attractive job.

---The Jets had two pass plays of 40 yards or more this season from Mark Sanchez. How did those moves to add old-and-slow receivers Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason work out? Mason is working in television now, if that tells you anything.

Posted on: January 1, 2012 3:58 pm

Jets done in by Sanchez

MIAMI -- Can wait -- for next season.

That's the New York Jets motto now. Last year, Jets linebacker Bart Scott made "Can't Wait" a catchphrase when he uttered those words during a post-game interview on national television as the Jets readied to play in the AFC Championship Game.

But three Mark Sanchez interceptions against the Miami Dolphins, the last inside the Miami 10 with three minutes left, ended the Jets playoff chances this season as Miami eliminated them by beating the Jets Sunday.

The team that talked the talk, led by loud, cocky coach Rex Ryan, couldn't walk the walk.

The Jets went to two straight AFC Championship Games, which made them a chic, trendy pick heading into 2011, especially with Ryan bragging they were the team to beat.

Now they're home wondering what went wrong.

They might want to look at No. 9 for starters. If the past three weeks have done anything, it's reminded the Jets that maybe Sanchez isn't the guy for the long haul.

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Monday Musings

---I can't understand all the fuss about Brett Favre's streak ending. Wasn't it going to end in three weeks when he retires? Who cares if he plays Monday night against the Giants? The Vikings are out of the playoffs. It's better if they play Tarvaris Jackson anyway. Favre's streak would have ended in three weeks. So why the big hype about it? Oh, he's Favre. I think the media made way too much of it. The way he's played, he ended a streak a long time ago. It's the Good Quarterback Streak. He hasn't been part of that streak this season. 

---The tripping incident by Jets assistant Sal Alosi should draw a one-game suspension and fine from the league. He should not be fired. That would be going too far. But he does need to be penalized. That's an integrity-of-the-game issue. It also would send a bad message to all the players getting fined if he is not hit with some kind of penalty. I say he's suspended a week without pay. But let's get off the morality horse and these calls for the man's job. It wasn't that bad.

---Tom Brady is a lock to be the MVP. The guy is playing at an unreal level. He has 19 touchdown passes and no interceptions in his last eight games. He carved up the Bears for 369 yards and two touchdowns in the snow. The thing people miss about playing in the snow is that it is an advantage for the offense. The pass rushers can't get traction and the receivers know where they are going, making it tough on slipping defensive backs. Brady excels in the snow. You can bet the Patriots will hope it snows come playoff time.

---Darren McFadden needs to touch the ball more for the Raiders. He had 16 carries Sunday against the Jaguars. That's not enough. He had 209 yards of total offense and three touchdowns, all of them longer than 35 yards. He has that speed that makes defenses quiver. Why doesn't he get it more?

---If Patriots rookie corner Devin McCourty is out for any period of time with a rib injury, it will be a big hit for the Patriots. He's been a big reason why the defense has made big strides.

----Tashard Choice asking Mike Vick for an autograph after the game on the field was weird. But I've seen worse. I've seen some media members do it to other players. Come on, guys. Does a signature really mean that much?
---The dislocated elbow suffered by Eagles middle linebacker Stewart Bradley is a big hit to that defense. You could see the difference in the defense after he left against Dallas. He will be out for weeks, maybe the rest of the season.

---Losing Gerald McCoy and Quincy Black for the season are big hits to the Tampa Bay defense. McCoy, the rookie first-round pick, had really picked up his play the past month at defensive tackle. Black is a speedy run-and-chase linebacker. Those two now join corner Aqib Talib as three key components gone from the defense.



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Pace suspension means Gholston time

Vernon Gholston, the New York Jets need you.

Gholston, the team's first-round pick last year, struggled big time as a rookie outside linebacker in 2008. But with a new staff led by coach Rex Ryan, the thinking is Gholston will show more.

Wtih the news coming down Thursday that Jets outside linebacker Calvin Pace will be suspended for the first four games for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs, Gholston has to show up big.

Bryan Thomas will start on one side and with Pace down it will force Gholston in on the other. Or so we would think. Gholston hasn't exactly lit up things this off-season.

As for Pace, he issued a statement Thursday. In it, he said he used an over-the-counter dietary supplement.

"I am responsible for what I put in my body," Pace said. "I regret this has happened and apologize to my teammates, the entire Jets organization as well as the fans. Hopefully this does not distract from our ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl."

The Jets? This year? Not quite, Calvin.
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Posted on: April 25, 2009 4:58 pm
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Charges against Jets: Grand theft

The New York Jets fleeced their former coach Saturday.

That's the only way to describe their move up to land Mark Sanchez. They have their franchise passer. No more broken down, old quarterbacks in New York. Sanchez will be special.

The Jets fans will come to love him. You wait and see.

And all it cost them was three players they can easily afford to lose and a second-round pick. What is Eric Mangini doing in Cleveland?
How many ex-Jets can he accumulate? Doesn't he realize they hated playing for him when he was there?

I do think safety Abram Elam, one of the players Mangini acquired, will be a good player, but they didn't get enough.
Somebody arrest Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum. He committed grand theft Saturday.
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