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Posted on: January 23, 2012 12:28 pm
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Monday Musings: Coughlin in no rush to retire

SAN FRANCISCO -- If you think New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin is going to walk away from the game if he wins Super Bowl XLVI, think again.

Even though Coughlin is 65, and would become the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl, he told me Sunday night there is no way he is retiring.

"I feel good," Coughlin said "Retire to do what?"

Coughlin has one more year left on his Giants deal, so expect the Giants to give him a new contract after the season.

One thing about Coughlin, he still has the vigor for the job. There is no letup. You talk to his players, and he's the same guy he was 17 years ago when he became an NFL head coach.

Coughlin has eased up enough that he no longer seems as stressed about the job. He gets relief from the game through his family, including 10 grandchildren. In fact, he almost seems grandfatherly now compared to the coach who came into the league.

"I still love what I do," Coughlin said.

It shows. And why should he retire? Isn't he now considered one of the best in the league?

• The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should be thrilled that Oregon coach Chip Kelly pulled out of any chance of his becoming their coach. Kelly's gimmicky style can work in the college game, but it wouldn't have stood a chance in the NFL. His calling card is that wild offense he runs, but in the NFL there was no way it could work. I love Kelly as a college coach. Not in the NFL. The word is it was the Glazer family, the owners of the team, who pursued Kelly, not general manager Mark Dominik. The Bucs should take a look at Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. He has a great track record with quarterbacks and would be a nice fit for Josh Freeman. Why he doesn't get an interview is a mystery to me. 

• It sickened me to hear that fans were putting out threats to 49ers receiver Kyle Williams after he fumbled two punts away in the team's loss to the Giants.  It's really a bad representation of 49ers fans. But it's usually a vocal minority. 

• Candlestick Park is a dump. The 49ers should be ashamed of that stadium, which is why they want a new one. The league should make it happen. I wouldn't pay to see a game in that facility. It's terrible. Many of the bulbs on the stadium lights never went on, making for a dark field. That should never happen during an event as big as the NFC Championship Game.

• The 49ers lack deep speed. That was evident in their loss to the Giants. Michael Crabtree doesn't run very well and they lack a big-play guy on the other side, although Williams has potential. They need to give Alex Smith more help.

• 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald doesn't get the due he deserves playing next to Justin Smith, but he showed his true ability against the Giants with two sacks and stellar play against the run. The 49ers made a wise move re-signing McDonald before the season.

• I know a lot of people will blame Billy Cundiff for the Ravens losing to the Patriots because of his missed field goal from 32 yards. But some of the blame has to go to coach John Harbaugh. On third-and-1 from the 14, the Ravens should have run the ball to get a first down, then spiked it and run two more plays. They needed a yard. But Joe Flacco threw an incomplete pass and they had to kick. They also had a timeout if they needed it. They took that home with them, even though they had to rush to get the kick off. Cundiff choked on his kick, but he wasn't alone.

• Credit to Joe Flacco. He outplayed Tom Brady. Maybe Ed Reed needs to light him up every week.

• If defense and running game wins championships, how come the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl features teams ranked 20th (Pats) and 32nd (Giants) in rushing and 24th (Giants) and 31st (Patriots) in total defense?

• New Rams coach Jeff Fisher isn't backing off his vision of being a run-heavy team. Hey, Jeff. It's 2012. You can't win that way. Look at the two teams left playing. The Giants were last in the NFL in yards per attempt and the Patriots were 24th.

• For all the crap the Falcons take for losing their first playoff game in three of the last four seasons, the teams they lost to all went to the Super Bowl. They lost to the Cardinals in 2008, the Packers in 2010 and the Giants this season. 

• Love the hire of Joe Philbin by the Dolphins. It's nice to see teams take chances on young coaches. After what he's been through, losing a child, it has to be bittersweet.

• I also think the Saints got a great hire in Steve Spagnuolo to run the defense. He will improve that side of the ball. You watch.

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Monday Musings: How do you slow Brady?

BALTIMORE -- How do you slow down Tom Brady?

I asked that question to Baltimore Ravens corner Lardarius Webb.

"You have to try and confuse him," Webb said.

Good luck with that. Brady, like the other top quarterbacks, has a way of knowing where he's going with the football before the snap. He's great at those pre-snap reads.

The Patriots don't really stretch the field all that much, but Brady excels at getting the ball to the receiver or tight end with the best match-up. Tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez and receiver Wes Welker are all good at winning against man coverage.

"Tom is playing excellent up there, and what they did to the Broncos last night, I think they sent a message to whoever was coming up there," Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said. " So, we’ve got our hands full and we’ve got to go up and get ready to play in the AFC championship.”

You can't expect the Ravens to stop Brady. They can only hope to slow him down.

 Look, I've stated my opinion about Tim Tebow's ability to play NFL quarterback the right way. I didn't need his performance against the Patriots Saturday night to convince me that he's far from being able to lead a team from the pocket. The Broncos gimmicked up the offense for him to help offset his inability to throw from the pocket. Until he learns how to do that, and throw into tight windows, there will always be doubts. He didn't lose that game to the Patriots. Hell, John Elway in his prime wouldn't have won that for the Broncos. But expect Tebow to be pushed in training camp by somebody. Or the Broncos will be in a lot of trouble moving forward. 

 The NFL considering full-time officials makes no sense to me. What they need to do is add an extra official on the field. The game is too fast now to just have seven officials on the field. One more would help compensate for the speed of the game advancing to where it is now. Plus, more passing means that the officials have to expand their focus to a wider perspective. So say no to full time officials, but yes to adding one more on the field.

 Lewis wasn't too happy that a Baltimore writer questioned the way he and Reed played the final few games of the season. He took exception to the criticism of their tackling. Truth be known, neither one tackled that well down the stretch. It's hard to believe after 16 years, Lewis still gets worked up over the critics.

 I love the hire of Dirk Koetter by the Atlanta Falcons as offensive coordinator. Koetter and Matt Ryan will work well together. And for those worried about Koetter being too conservative, he was forced to be that way under Jack Del Rio. He often had game plans adjusted by the head coach. That won't happen in Atlanta. This is Koetter's chance to show how good a coach he can be. I bet he excels.

 I like the idea of the Miami Dolphins hiring Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. He is a damn good coach whose time has come to be the top man. Zimmer is fiery coach, but his players love him.

 Fear the Texans next year. That is a talented football team. Who knows how good they could have been if Matt Schaub didn't go down? That defense can be special. They do have to decide what to do with Mario Williams? Do they tag him? That would cost $22 million. That's way too high, considering they played without him for most of the season and finished second in total defense. Rookie Brooks Reed and Connor Barwin are both good players at outside linebacker. If Williams hits the market, he will be by far the highest-paid free agent out there.

 Just a thought, but if Jeff Fisher is worth $8 million a year what is Tom Coughlin worth?

 The Saints might lose defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to the Rams. He would join good buddy Jeff Fisher, the team's new coach. Here's what I wonder: Do the Saints really care? Williams loves to blitz, and he was undone by it against the 49ers Saturday. His defenses have struggled to defend the pass in New Orleans. 

 Did Alex Smith show what he could do when given the chance to throw against the Saints? Has he been held down his entire career? It's a legitimate question. Smith looked great in the fourth quarter and his last-minute drive was something you'd expect from Joe Montana. He was accurate, throwing into tight windows. Smith has always been a stand-up guy. It's nice to see him having some success. He's a class kid.

 Admit it. When you watched 49ers tight end Vernon Davis lighting up the Saints for 180 yards and the game-winning touchdown, you asked why he doesn't do that more? I think the 49ers need to get him involved in the offense more.

 Memo to those out there touting the Giants as a defensive team: They were eighth in scoring offense and 25th in scoring defense. They are an offensive team that has a pass rush. Period.

 Of the four teams left in the playoffs, the team that finished highest in rushing yardage was the 49ers. They were eighth. You don't run it to win anymore. You just don’t. 

Posted on: December 20, 2010 6:02 pm

Monday Musings


---Fire Tom Coughlin? Are you serious? If the Giants beat Green Bay this week, Coughlin will have the Giants in the playoffs for five of his eight seasons with the team, and he has a Super Bowl ring. Yet after Sunday's horrible loss to the Eagles, there is growing sentiment that Coughlin could be in trouble, with Bill Cowher as a possible replacement.
Why is that Coughlin with his ring is ripped, while Jeff Fisher, who doesn't have one, is praised? Fisher is regarded as a coach who could get a job anywhere. I like Fisher. And I think he's a good coach. But Coughlin is better and has done more.
Fire Tom Coughlin? Are you serious?

---It's amazing what happens when criticism comes your way. Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has taken a ton of heat in recent weeks for some bad play-calling. So what did he do against the Saints? He finally got the ball into Ray Rice's hands. It's about time. Rice is a weapon as a runner and a passer, but he's been underused this season. He needs at least 25 touches a game. Rice ran it 31 times for 153 yards and a touchdown against the Saints and had five catches for 80 yards and another score. If the Ravens are to do anything in the playoffs, Rice has to get more games like this.

---Is Matt Hasselbeck done? It sure looks that way.  He has thrown 10 interceptions in the past four games. If Seattle makes the playoffs, which is possible, the Seahawks still will need to address the quarterback position in the draft. It doesn't look like Charlie Whitehurst is the long-term answer either.

---With three concussions this season, Austin Collie has to be concerned for his future. I wonder if he's thinking if it's worth it. I would be.

---I didn't like the decision by Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio to go for a fourth-and-1 from his own 38 early in the third quarter. Why not punt there and play defense? The Colts had lost Collie to the head injury and he was their most effective weapon in the first half. The Jaguars fumbled a botched pitch to Maurice Jones-Drew, but even if they had made it I still think it was the wrong decision. Del Rio plays that way, but sometimes rationale thinking has to take over instead of emotional thinking.

---Terrell Owens tore the meniscus in his right knee Sunday. His playing days with the Bengals are probably over. But I think he can help a team. He proved this season that he can still get it done. That's something that Randy Moss can't say.

---Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning is rumored to be preparing to retire. If not, he has to go. The Dolphins offense just doesn't work. The run-first style is something that worked in the 1980s. It doesn't work anymore. Then again, it might not matter. What if Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants to make a change at the top and fires Tony Sparano? There is talk Cowher is eyeing this job as well. That would be a big splash for Ross, who seems to like that type of thing.

---Why don't the Falcons get much credit? They can lock up the top seed in the NFC by beating New Orleans Monday night and all you ever hear about is the Eagles, the Saints, the Giants and the Bears. Is Atlanta boring or something? I can't figure it out.

----Why do offensive linemen play without sleeves when it's freezing out? It doesn’t make you look tough. It makes you look stupid.



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Posted on: March 31, 2008 5:24 pm

No change for Coughlin

PALM BEACH, Fla., -- At the NFL Scouting Combine in February, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin was treated like a king. He had two security guards escort him down a hall.

So has winning a Super Bowl changed things that way for him?

"Not really," he said here at the league meetings. "Everybody talked about the coronation, but it hasn't been any different. It really hasn't."

One thing is different. He seems a lot looser. And he's writing a book. For Coughlin, that's saying a lot since he's a man who never has opened up much to the media.

Want to bet it's an interesting read?





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