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Posted on: October 29, 2009 4:03 pm

Titans make right move

If I had a team, Vince Young wouldn't be my quartertback.

I like my passers in the pocket. I like them to read the field. I like them to work.

Young does none of that.

But the Tennessee Titans need to play him, which is why the decision to start him this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars is the right one.

Whether Jeff Fisher likes Young or offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger wants him -- word is it's a no on both counts -- the Titans have to play Young the next 10 weeks. What's the worst thing that can happen: They lose all their games.

They've done that already anyway.

What the Titans will likely find out is that Young is what they thought he was the past two years, a run-around quarterback who can make some plays with his legs and not with his arm.

But his age says he deserves a shot to show what he can do.

I think he'll fail.

And I think the Titans will have Sam Bradford or Jake Locker playing quarterback next season as a rookie.

It will be rebuild time.

But they have to find out if Young has anything at all. The guess here is that he doesn't.
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Posted on: October 28, 2009 5:54 pm

Play Vince Young

Memo to Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher: Start Vince Young.

Why? Not because he's the answer, but because you have to find out for sure he isn't. The Titans know Kerry Collins isn't the long-term solution at quarterback, but they have to find out if Young can be. The word is that inside the Tennessee building the coaches already don't think he is, but the next 10 games should decide that.

If he flops, then the Titans have to draft one. If he plays well, that would be a pleasant surprise to get.

Fisher said he will announce his starting quarterback for this week's game with Jacksonville on Thursday. Owner Bud Adams is said to be pushing for Young.

Does Fisher care about that? Probably not. If he were to get fired, he'd probably get a job next season. There is some talk he is looking at the Dallas job if there is a change there.

This will be an interesting decision to watch. It has to be Young, for a bunch of reasons.
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Posted on: February 27, 2009 7:26 pm

Sorry, Vince

The Tennessee Titans did the smart thing and re-signed Kerry Collins to a two-year deal that will pay him almost $8 million a season.

That's a good deal for Collins, who is 36. Anything longer or for more money would not have been wise with a quarterback that old. To retain him for two more seasons is a good move.

It also means Vince Young won't play for two more seasons, provided Collins plays like he did last season. So what does that mean for Young? It means his chances to start in Tennessee might be over. Young signed a five-year deal in 2006, so he has two years left on it.

If Collins starts the next two seasons, what would make the Titans give Young an extension? And who pays him big money on the market after he sat for three seasons?

Collins is the man for now. The question is whether Vince Young will ever again be that guy for the Titans.


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Posted on: March 9, 2008 8:44 pm

About time, Vince

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young, who is attending school this semester at the University of Texas, will spend time this week in Nashville, Tenn., meeting with new offensive coordiantor Mike Heimerdinger.

Hey, not a bad idea.

What the heck is Young doing in school anyway? This is a key time in his career. He needs to be spending the off-season at the Titans' facility learning the new offense, not playing the big-man on-campus role. I'm all for a guy getting his degree, but why not take on-line classes? Why not wait until next year when he's not learning a new offense?

I can tell you there are some in the Titans organization who are a bit angered by Young's insistence on going to school. And they should be.

But at least he didn't head to South Padre Island for some fun in the sun. That's one good thing. But I think Young shouldn't be in school this semester. That degree is important, but it certainly isn't as important as what he's doing on the football field right now.


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Posted on: February 19, 2008 8:39 pm

The wrong school?


I'm all for NFL players going back to school to ge their degrees. But does Vince Young really need to be at the University of Texas to do work on his degree?

Young is taking 15 hours this semester to get his degree, 12 of those on campus and three online. Why not take 15 online and stay in Tennessee to learn the new offense?

This is Young's most-important offseason yet. He's entering his third season with a big, fat incomplete grade as a passer, and now he has to learn a new offense. But instead of staying around the Titans facility to work with new offensive coordiantor Mike Heimerdinger, he's in Austin working on his degree.

Am I being short-sighted thinking he's making a mistake? This is a huge year for him and his teammates. When you're in a profession, you should be dedicated to the task. If he wants his degree, do it by correspondence classes and online stuff. It's doable. He doesn't need to be back on campus.

Go ahead, rip me. I know I'm taking on a taboo subject. But last time I checked, the Titans were paying him millions to play football, no to go to school.


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